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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

3 Easy Ways to be More Ladylike

Since moving back to the United States, I've noticed something rather disturbing. American teenage girls are simply not feminine. The uniform for teenage girls around here is a t-shirt, tiny running shorts, tall socks, and some form of sporty footwear. There is nothing tasteful or flattering about this outfit.  Poor manners are commonplace. I've seen girls shriek when seeing their friends, ignore personal boundaries, and talk with their mouths open. It's embarrassing. There's a definite lack of ladylike behaviour in the young women of America, and it's a shame.

I've been inspired by  The Proper Lady before, and I'm sure I will be again. Femininity is not outdated in the slightest, and I think it's very important that the younger generation of women-to-be (myself included) brush up on their skills and consider their behaviour. So, here are three ways to be more ladylike without much effort at all.

1. Stop Swearing

My grandfather instilled in my mother that swearing is not ladylike, and my mother has instilled this idea in me. There is nothing elegant, tasteful or ladylike about swearing. The English language is quite unique in that it has many words that all essentially mean the same thing. So, rather than use a swear word for emphasis, choose a stronger word. Swearing also does not sound particularly educated, and education is not only attractive, but feminine. If something goes wrong, there are many tamer alternatives to swearwords that sound much nicer to others.

2. Wear a skirt.

Or a scarf, or earrings, or a nice blouse, or something that makes you feel girly. I've found that I am much less likely to act crudely if I'm feeling particularly cute. Put a little makeup on. Feel pretty and feminine, and try not to lose the feeling all day. If you put yourself together in the morning, why would you let yourself fall apart later with poor behaviour?

3. Be sweet

Now, I'm sure this sounds like something mothers shout at their daughters as they leave the house, but there's really something to this one. Being sweet has a different definition to everyone, but I personally define it as being well mannered, well spoken, and considerate to everyone. Use the manners your mother taught you, and people are somehow much more helpful. Think before you speak, and find people listening. Treat others with respect and watch yourself become more respected by others. Teenagers often complain that no one listens to them. Perhaps it is because they have not done enough to earn the respect of those they are talking to- just a suspicion. If you act as a respectable person, people will treat you as such.

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