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Friday, August 15, 2014

Baking in Boston... and More!


First time behind the wheel

Cake Pops in the making

The first two shrooms

There were about 7 cute ones

The leftover cake

Darling little shrooms!

I'm back in New Jersey! My trip was quite fun- I've never been on a road trip with my mom before (though we did go to Bangkok together). 

While back in Massachusetts, I went to my favourite ice cream place. I grew up on Bedford Farms  strawberry ice cream, and it was delicious. My mother and I also took an old friend to Dalya's, the fancy place in town. The owner has seen me grow up from a little baby, and it's wonderful to be back there. Being back in the town where I grew was fascinating, because so much has changed in three years. People say Bedford never changes, but the construction around town begs to differ. 

I also got my driver's permit! It was pretty fun driving around in my mom's car, and I took two driving lessons with a driving school. Needless to say, I'm not getting my license any time soon. 

My childhood friend Jackie and I baked cake pops based off the Nerdy Nummies video, which as you can see was a total adventure. We managed to make a few cute ones, but for every cute one we made there were two ugly ones. Apparently we were supposed to use chocolate melts rather than candy melts, and one of us burned the green melts anyways. 

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