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Monday, August 25, 2014

Five Ways to Calm Down

Feeling overwhelmed lately? That makes two of us. Between getting read to start college, making grown-up decisions about money, and realizing I’m going to have to file taxes… I’ve got a lot on my plate. So, here are some simple ways to calm down when you’re feeling stressed out and anxious. These are my go-to strategies whenever I’m feeling a touch on edge. 

1. Write it down

Part of the reason I blog is to calm down. When life seems to be getting too stressful around me, I sit down at the computer and write. There are lots of things I’ve written that have never made it on the Internet—either they are too personal, or not well written enough to publish. However, a good deal of the posts that I do publish are written because I need a break from what’s bothering me. Even though I’ve started to take the blogging thing a lot more seriously, I think writing, regardless of where it goes, is relaxing. 

2. Make a cup of (green) tea

Hot drinks are really soothing and relaxing. Brew a mug of tea when you’re feeling overwhelmed, and drink it without any other distractions. Just taking a moment to yourself is quite important sometimes. Also, if you drink green tea, it has wonderful antioxidant and detoxing properties. 

3. Read something light

Sometimes it's good to take a break from what is bothering you and go on "mental holiday". Read something light and easy... or don't read at all, and look at pictures! When I’m feeling anxious, sometimes I find it best to get lost in something that is really fluffy. Teen Pop or other magazines with lots of pictures and bright colours can be a fun little break. 

4. Listen to music

Make a playlist of songs that you find particularly soothing. When you need to unwind, put it on. Or, find an album that you’ll never get tired of and listen to it on repeat. I’m a huge fan of the South African band The Parlotones that my friend from middle school introduced to me. When I’m feeling out of it, I often put one of their albums on and zone out. 

5. Snuggle up

I cannot be the only person on this earth who likes to snuggle up when I’m feeling stressed. I’m not the least bit ashamed to say that I like cuddling the stuffed animals my boyfriend has given me over the years when I’m feeling sad or anxious. Even if it’s not the most mature way to handle stress, having a bit of a snuggle can help you feel better. If plushies aren’t your thing, find someone to curl up with and watch a funny movie!

Feeing calmer? I sure hope so! Let me know what your coping strategies are when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed!


  1. Writing it down is a great outlet for me. I tend to go over it again and again, but if I write it down, it's like I can file it away and forget about it for now!

    Great tips :)

    Corinne x

  2. I had a friend who told me to tear up the paper after writing things down. I can't tear up the monitor, but I can certainly share my thoughts! Thanks for reading.


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