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Monday, August 25, 2014

Moved in to Boston University!

Here's a super quickie update before I go to bed... because it's not my futon back in New Jersey, or my beautiful teakwood bed in Singapore. It's a brand new (to me) university standard bed at Boston University!

We drove from New Jersey yesterday and stayed overnight in a hotel. This morning, we had a pretty leisurely breakfast before heading into the city. Traffic was a little crazy as always- the city is a popular place to be. Moving in wasn't as hard as I was expecting, since everything fit in a giant moving bin thing. Here are some pictures of the experience... and it was rather one!

So, here's to my first blog post from Boston University. I'm incredibly excited and lucky to be here! Tomorrow I'll go back to beauty... but for now, feel free to be amused at how much stuff I brought. 

So, here's to a great four years!

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