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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

School Makeup: Popteen Inspired

Popteen is a Japanese fashion magazine that has been around since the 80s. It's very popular amongst teenage girls and keep everyone up-to-date on the latest fashion and makeup trends. If you're getting ready to go back to school, this look will keep you looking fresh and fun without eating up too much of your time in the morning.

The Popteen look is all about looking sweet, innocent, and playful. It's natural enough without looking too bare, and it has a slight pop of colour.

You will need:

  • Something to even out your skin. I used Pure BB Mineral by Maybelline
  • Light brown eyeshadow.  I usedTease" from my Naked 2 Palette
  • Bright, candy pink blush. I used "Strawberry Choux" from Etude House
  • Eyeliner of your choosing. I used Everstudio Hyperglossing in Navy Blue
  • Optional: Powder to set your face. I used Pore Putty in the not-totally-white-shade
  • Lip Gloss: Something that will match your blush. I used Sephora brand lip gloss. I got the little multi-pack as my Sephora birthday gift in Singapore.

Let's get started!

  1. Apply BB cream to even out the complexion. If you need more coverage, apply concealer after the BB cream. 
  2. Pick out a brown/taupe eyeshadow and fill in the area under the fold of your eyelid. If you have monolids, hold tight, because I'll write a post eventually about how to use eye-tape. 
  3. Create a slight wing on the outer corners of your eyes with the same brown eyeshadow. 
  4. Apply a thin line of eyeliner that is straight towards the outer edges, separating from the natural curve of your eye. Basically, make sure the eyeliner is one straight line from the middle of the eye, rather than flicking it into a wing. 
  5. Apply your cute pink blush to the apples of your cheeks. Blend slightly, but it's not supposed to look 100% natural.
  6. Pick the brightest pink, but still sheer, lipgloss you own
  7. Apply it! 
  8. Power the oily areas of your face to set. This is optional, do it if you live in somewhere with high humidity for sure. 
  9. *~done~*
I can certainly see myself wearing this down the halls this school year!

Photo collage made with Canva


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