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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Road Trip and Old Friends

Road trip! Road trip!

Today I went to up Massachusetts on a mini-road trip complete with a stop at McDonald's, turning off at the wrong exit, and eating Cheddar Bunnies. 

After we got in, we went out to dinner with some of our good family friends. Our moms have known each other since we were adopted (actually, we're from the same adoption group), so it was fun to get together. When my friend and I were little, we used to get on really well. I think our moms liked it because we'd tire ourselves out (both he and I were really active children). 

I'm not going to post pictures of my family friends for their privacy. However, I have no qualms about posting pictures from the cupcake place we went to called Treat! I had the chocolate cupcake pictured above, and my friend's little sister had the pink lemonade cake. She's the cutest little thing, and the cupcake matched. I thought the atmosphere at Treat was wonderful, and their cakes were moist and creative. Mine had white chocolate filling, and was simply divine. 

Tomorrow: beauty essentials for the road! 
What I'm wearing, and why. 

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