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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Jar of Happiness

My boyfriend  made me a Jar of Happiness as part of my eighteenth birthday present, and it's become a daily dose of inspiration for me.

A Jar of Happiness is a glass jar in which one puts little pieces of paper with happy things on them. Any time something happy happens and I remember to do so, I throw it in. Good memories, song lyrics, pick-up lines, tiny stuffed animals- whatever makes you happy goes in the jar. Did you see the little orange thing with eyes? It's a "chilli crab"! It's to remind me to Singapore, and how wonderful the experience was. At the end of the year, I get to open it up and read everything inside of it. 

Sometimes when I'm down, I'll open it up and read a couple of the things inside. The world is a rough place, and taking a moment to read happy things helps me rebalance.

Do you have a Jar of Happiness? Anyone know where this idea comes from?


  1. What a lovely blog you have! :-)

    I am following you on blog Lovin, please follow me back :-)

    Fleur x

  2. I followed you back :D
    Thanks for reading!


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