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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Makeup Brush Search

I have a confession, and it's slightly embarrassing. I rarely use makeup brushes, and when I do, some of the "makeup brushes" are actually paint brushes. Yes, paint brushes. Not even high-end paint brushes. Nope, I'm talking about the sort that come out of a package kit for student painters. The actual make-up brushes I have are from CVS, and while they definitely aren't bad, I'm ready for new ones.

I have an excuse for this, sort of. See, in Stage Makeup Club, makeup brushes were out of the budget... so they used paint brushes instead. This excuse would be great if I was actually in Stage Makeup Club, except that I only helped out a handful of times. Okay, well I ran out of money for makeup brushes because I was too busy buying bubble tea and Dance Club t-shirts. That's a really poor excuse. Very well then- I have no real excuse for the sorry state of my makeup brush collection.

Another reason I don't use my makeup brushes very often is because I use my fingers for a lot of my makeup application. I have yet to find a foundation brush that is better than my fingers for blending BB cream, and the puff on my blusher is perfect for an Asian-style circle. You can see here that for Asian-style makeup, a puff of blush on the apples of the cheek is more typical than a well-blended look. Go figure. All this being said, since I'm trying to get more into makeup in general, new makeup brushes are a must.

I was thinking that new makeup brushes would be a good Going-to-Uni present for myself. I've saved up a bit of money and am looking for some opinions.  I found the Best Makeup Brushes Guide pretty helpful, as well as this Makeup Geek  article.  Since I'm a huge fan of Bubzbeauty, I was thinking about buying her brushes. However, MAC is tempting as always! I'm going to keep doing research about different brands... but in the meantime,  does anyone have any suggestions for brushes I should try? What is the best makeup brush you own, and why?


  1. Yes those high end make up brush is often out of budget and I've struggling to have one set of them! Recently I found an affordable and great quality brush set : Real techniques! they are value for money, feel free to check it out =)

    Arocheme | Ziweigoh

    1. Hi there! I checked out your blog and am following it on Bloglovin'. Would you be inclined to do the same? I love your old Shanghai pictures... they are beautiful!


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