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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I'm a pretty big fan of Tatcha, and my aunt seems to like sending me their products. I'm not complaining at all, of course! When she sent me these beautiful aburgatorigami papers, I was blown away. This is at least the second time she has sent them to me-- and I absolutely love them.

The blotting sheets are made from abaca leaf, which is a species of banana native to the Philippines. Apparently this makes the sheets not only very absorbent , but also strong. There are also bits of gold in it. While some believe the gold is good for circulation, I personally think it's just there to be pretty.

These blotting papers feel flat-out luxurious. They are very smooth with a soft feel, and feel substantial in the hand. When pressed to the face, they do not stick even to very oily parts of the face. Unless your skin is extremely oily, one sheet is more than enough for the entire face. You can use both sides of the paper, though I generally do not have to.

I'm not going to post a picture of what the paper looks like after I'm done using it, because it's really gross.  I always feel a bit bad about ruining the prettiness of the paper with my skin! At least the papers are doing their job.  They do not render the face completely matte. Rather, they leave my skin with a light glow, which I like.  I actually have been tearing the paper in half (very carefully) because I find I don't need the whole paper, and I don't want to waste them.

I absolutely love these papers. I think they are easily the best blotting papers I have ever tried! In addition to being pretty, these papers are very functional. They also feel like such a treat to use, even though I'm getting oil off my face.

Have you ever tried these? They're $12 for 30, so they are definitely an investment. That being said, they would make a lovely gift!

Heads up: This is NOT a sponsored post. This product was a present from my wonderful aunt!

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Monday, September 29, 2014

I had the most fun weekend! My parents came up for my dad's 60th birthday/his work, so we met up. A family tradition most New England families have is to go apple picking- and we are no exception.  We really like Shelburne Farm because they have a small-farm feel but have lots of apples. I personally think the McCoun or Courtland apple is my favourite, but my dad likes golden delicious. It was easily the hottest apple picking experience we ever had- it was about 80 degrees!

Even though I love living in the city of Boston, it was fun to get out to the country for a day. We drove through the area I grew up. It's funny how the curvy roads don't feel so curvy anymore, and how small some of the hills look now. Distance does funny things to how we perceive our world.

Don't worry, we're back to beauty tomorrow!
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Friday, September 26, 2014

These books did not teach me beauty lessons in the sense of apply makeup or doing my hair-- but they did influence how I look at beauty, and what is beautiful.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

This book was probably the closest to giving me literal beauty lessons, and it did lead me to looking into the traditional Asian beauty standards. At the time I read it, I was very into "Western" beauty styles like tanning. However, after reading the book I started realising that looking more delicate would be prettier on me. It also revealed to me how much beauty is pain. At the same time, beauty is strength. Chinese women bound their feet. Some died in the process, like Third Sister. Others ended up with perfect feet, like Snow Flower and Lily. Both were isolated and lived hard lives, yet they made the best of the situations they were put in. It showed me how beautiful friendship can be, too.

Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska is an excellent book by John Green that I read in about six hours, nonstop. By the end I was a bit of an emotional mess, but I did get a few important takeaways from it. The one related to beauty is that no matter how amazingly beautiful we think someone is, it doesn't mean they see themselves the same way. Miles sees Alaska as too good to be true- something impossibly perfect. While there is something beautiful in a disaster, one has to be careful to remember that behind everything a person is there.

Brave New World

I'm not crazy when I say Brave New World taught me lessons about beauty. Brave New World explores the ideas of community and stability. It's one of the few books I've read for school that I actually enjoyed-- in fact, it's one of my favourite books of all time. While exploring the themes of science and individual freedom, it also showed me what we as a society value. We all like looking essentially the same, even the makeup artists and fashionistas. We want to be accepted and loved, but we also don't want to touch those less than ourselves. Brave New World essentially taught me that in order to be beautiful by society's standards, we must give up our individuality in order to reach them. Do I necessarily think this is healthy? Nonsense. But it does help me understand why celebrities who acted wholesome suddenly get sexy, or why all college girls seem to wear the same things.

Have you read any of these? What books taught you beauty lessons?
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Here are my Five Favourite Things of Right Now... a little random perhaps, but all in good fun!

Favourite Skin Care Product: Vitamin E Oil

I know I've been talking about this stuff so much these days you probably think I'm a bit obsessed, but there's a good reason for it! I recently started breaking out (thanks, stress) and have noticed the healing process is so much faster when I apply a bit of Vitamin E to the fading scars. It's just so useful for so many different skin ailments.

Favourite Makeup Product: Maybelline BB Cream

This BB cream has cropped up on this blog at least once, and I'm a huge fan of it right now because it is quite hydrating. I'm not used to this dry Boston weather yet, and my skin really needs some hydration! I strongly suspect this product is not available in the US, but I'm sure there's a way to get it shipped over.

Favourite Blog: Sweet Electric

I've talked about Zoe and her lovely blog Sweet Electric before, but I'm at it again because I think her posts are just so helpful. Between HTML tips and new blogger advice, Zoe is the first person's blog I go to when I'm a bit confused. She's also a really sweet person and quite patient with me when I tweet her. Well worth the read. If you check her out, tell her I sent you :D

Favourite Song: "Disappear Without a Trace" by the Parlotones

The Parlotones is a South African band that my friend introduced me to back in middle school. I've started listening to them again, and I feel like I'm connecting with the music more now than I was back then. This is a rather old  song, but it's absolutely amazing. I think it's a beautiful balance of romantic and sexy. It's real, but also a bit idealistic. I'm not even joking when I say I want this song to play at my wedding someday. I absolutely love it.

Favourite Quote: Emma Watson, "Gender equality is your issue too".

I don't generally call myself a feminist because I received so much backlash for doing so in high school. I ultimately hold many feminist views, but I disagree with much of the feminist perspective of International Relations/politics. However, Emma Watson's recent UN speech really got me, and many others, thinking. Gender equality affects men as much as women, because men have women in their lives. There's no reason that men can't work with women to achieve more gender equality. Even if they don't like the term "feminist", I'd say a fair number of people like what comes with feminism. Understanding, respect, equality... and ultimately, a better future for all.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I think it's fair to say that even though I'm a new beauty blogger, I'm not a new blogger. Therefore, I can talk about things that new bloggers really need to recognise in order to not only start blogging, but stick with it. This post isn't meant to be discouraging. Writing it was pretty motivating to me, actually.

1) You're not going to have many readers right away

There are certainly some blogs that go viral right away, and everyone scratches their heads a little bit. Was it great SEO? Recommendations? Magic? Who knows, but for the vast majority of new bloggers, you won't get a lot of followers/readers/views at all in the first couple of months/years you're blogging. Sent to Singapore took about a year and a half to get any decent viewership outside of my immediate friends and family. More experienced bloggers get more pageviews in a day than new bloggers get in a month (or two). That's okay. Work hard and build yourself up, and people will read you. It doesn't hurt to social network and promote, but don't expect numbers jumping off the page.

2) You're not going to get samples

Jealous of seeing the "big bloggers" getting full sized sample products wrapped up like beautiful presents? Well, keep dreaming (at least for a while). On Twitter, there was an interesting #fblchat a few days ago about how bloggers should approach samples. What I gleaned from this was that samples are not gifts from companies. They are smart marketing strategies to get us bloggers, and our readers, to buy that company's products. Big companies aren't going to send bloggers with very few bloggers samples, because it doesn't make economic sense.

3) Blogging takes up a lot of time

I love blogging, I really do. But sometimes when I have other things to do, I look at my blog and baulk a little bit. It takes me about an hour to shoot and edit my photos for every post, and writing a good post takes another hour or more. That's a lot of time for a college student. It's a commitment. It's worth it, but don't expect your blog to suddenly get popular if there isn't good content (read: time consuming to product) content on there.

4) Don't take every opportunity you get.

This came up in the #fblchat on Twitter, but I strongly believe bloggers should not jump to make money from their blogs. It's one thing to try and make a little here and there... I use Skimlinks, and I'm looking into more options. However, there was a recent email sent to many new bloggers that definitely looked like a scam. Upon researching the company,  I realised it was a Chinese knock-off brand that sold very poor quality. However, my Bloglovin' was flooded by posts talking about how great this website was! All the posts followed the general format that the company had requested and used stock photos of the products, not anything they had actually bought. I found this incredibly disappointing, and I think bloggers need to remember that our blogs represent us as a person, and a brand. We can't be promoting things that are bad quality, or it reflects badly on us!

5) You're a baby. Learn from the big bloggers, and someday you'll grow.

This is pretty obvious, but take it to heart. As a new blogger, the best thing to do is to learn from those older and wiser. Don't copy them, since there's nothing worse than someone who lacks creativity, but take their mistakes and triumphs into consideration. Listen to what they have to say. Connect with them on Twitter or by email. Don't be afraid to learn, and be ready to grow!
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Twitter is such a cool website.

I feel quite silly because I'm only just starting to use it, but I certainly see the advantages of using Twitter as a blogger.

There are various blogger chats throughout the week. I've managed to catch #bdib  (bloggers do it better) and actually participate in #bbloggers (beauty bloggers). There's also #fbloggers (fashion bloggers), which has a significant trending as well.

Twitter is excellent for sharing your posts to a wide number of people. I have my Twitter connected to my Bloglovin', so all my posts auto-Tweet. Additionally, its easy to make blogger friends on Twitter. I have generally found bloggers to be some of the most helpful, accepting people out on the internet. So, it's well worth hopping on and getting to know people.

I managed to catch the tail end of #bdib chat the other day, and met some amazing American bloggers. One is actually Chelsea of Chow Down by the Bay, who's also here in Boston! Go check her out. Anyways, we were all wondering where the US bloggers were. Most blogger chats are UK based which can be a bit of a pain for us US based bloggers, so we decided to create our own bloggers chat. Introducting... #USBloggerChat! It's not the most inspired name, but it will definitely function. Twitter is cool because it can connect people quickly and easily, and allow neat things to be created very quickly.

Come join us on Thursday nights EST at 8pm for #USBloggerChat! I'm @NatalesM, and I'll be there for sure.

Also, I have been thinking about doing a little giveaway when I hit 100 followers on Bloglovin'. What do you think about that? What would you like to see me give away?
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Monday, September 22, 2014

I went to the Lush on Newbury Street over the weekend, and promised myself that I'd only spend $15 there.  Well, I spent a touch over that with tax, but this product was essentially in my price range. It's one of the fresh products that has to be kept in the fridge, which is something I've never purchased before. I was a little worried about buying it because I knew I was going to spend a couple of hours out and about, but was reassured that it wouldn't spoil. It appears to be totally fine, which is lovely. 

The product smells absolutely amazing, if you like henna, eucalyptus, and generally "earthy" smells". If you don't, this product is probably the most choking, horrible scent ever. Since I love woodsy smells, this product is like heaven. It's chock-full of good things for your hair, with its primary ingredient being Irish moss. It's also got almond oil, jojoba oil, and red henna in it. I am going to try using it once a week and seeing if there are any significant benefits. 

I went through a bit of an adventure using this product. The texture is somewhere between cream and gel- it's very strange.  It says it's a scalp and hair mask, so I started by applying the product to the ends of my hair. I quickly realised that it's rather gooey, and started applying to my scalp. Eventually I ended up with a large poof of hair in-between the two areas I had applied the product too... it was rather silly. When I use this product again, I will start at my scalp and work down.  

After waiting twenty minutes and showering it out, I did notice that my hair felt incredibly soft. It's really shiny right now with no products in it, and I suspect if I added a bit of oil it would be very smooth. The scent is much lighter, and simply wonderful. I'm not sure if it has done anything for my scalp, but that's something to find out later. My hair feels very light and clean.

I really like this product so far! The pot seems like it will last me 3 or 4 applications, however, it doesn't last forever so I might use more next time. It's not cheap, so I'll have to carefully considering repurchasing.
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Sunday, September 21, 2014

I've had the most wonderful weekend!

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to Newbury Street. We got lunch at a place called Ikura, which was pretty good. I thought the presentation of my boyfriend's dish was very pretty (on the right). My food was tasty as well. They are going to open up a Cha Time across from the restaurant that I'm quite excited about. There are Cha Time in Singapore and Bangkok, and it's pretty good!

My boyfriend has been talking about getting new shoes for a while, so we decided to look around.  After a bit of a false start, I decided that he ought to get some decent quality shoes so we went to Clarks. He got a new pair of shoes that will hopefully last him a while... and I decided to shop too! I'm a huge fan of Clarks because they often carry my size, and I got really lucky and found an amazing pair of boots. They are pretty warm, and I'm hoping they last me a good number of years. Not sure if they are true winter boots though-- I've been away from winter too long to tell.

We popped into Lush (I have a patient boyfriend) and Anthropologie as well. I only bought one thing at Lush... but more on that later. I love Anthropologie but everything in there is far too expensive for me to buy. A girl can dream, right?

Before leaving  Newbury street, we grabbed a Pinkberry. I'm a huge fan of mochi on my frozen yogurt. Doesn't it look lovely? We basically ate our way through the afternoon!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

I was reading blogs the other day and stumbled across an awesome Russian blogger Zaychishka. Her posts are really interesting to ready- I love getting different, international perspectives on beauty and fashion. Her post called  What Would It Be Like to be a Russian "It" Girl really got me thinking! 

I'm not Russian, so I can't exactly say I've been fascinating about being a Russian "It Girl". However, I think all of us wonder what it would be like to be in a position of national and international attention. Between attending fashion shows, writing books, and sampling the newest makeup, I think I know what I'd want to do if I was an "It Girl".

If I was an "It Girl",  I'd want heads to turn whenever I went like Jackie Kennedy.

If I was an "It Girl", I'd want to be photographed like Twiggy.

If I was an "It Girl", I'd want to be a beauty guru like Michelle Phan.

If I was an "It Girl", I'd want to be a beauty inside and out like Audrey Hepburn.

If I was an "It Girl", I'd want to be the face of a brand like Kate Moss and her relationship to Chanel.

If I was an "It Girl", I'd want to be as remembered as Princess Diana.

So there we have it! If I was an "It Girl", I'd want the qualities of a number of different beautiful and powerful women over history. What traits would you want?

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tokyo Lights Palette by Shu Uemura
Note in the swatches that the sparkly white colour is shown before the deep maroon.

I've mentioned the Tokyo Lights Palette by Shu Uemura a couple of times on this blog, but I've never given it its own post. That's a shame, because it's a really lovely palette-- so I'm giving it the attention it deserves now.

The story about how I obtained this palette is a bit funny. We had these gift vouchers from Singapore Airlines because my dad was flying with them a lot, and we needed to use them in the Krisshop. My dad let me pick out this beautiful palette, as well as Dior Addict perfume. So, I bought this palette on an airplane.

I was a little worried about this palette being as pretty as it looked in the pictures, but thankfully it is. The colours are pretty pigmented and rich, and really pop on the eyes. The maroon is really quite dark and looks amazing in the creases. The purple, when blended into the pink, makes for a simply beautiful, orchid-like look. Maybe I'll post an eyeshadow tutorial with this palette later. 

The peachy-colour and the coppery colour are my favourite for day wear, as they look very natural on me. Blended together, they brighten up the eyes without looking too harsh. Really a dual-use palette for both day and night.

The one "colour" I'm not 100% sure about is the extremely sparkly white. It's basically pressed glitter, and must be carefully patted on. Since the rest of the palette is already so shimmery, I'm not sure straight glitter is totally necessary. However, it does make for a fairy-look, which is very romantic. 

Overall, I really like this palette! I think it's well-balanced and has the potential for several different looks. It's unfortunate that Shu Uemura has mostly (or entirely?) pulled out of the US market, because it's really popular in Asia and is simply great. 

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

In general, we tend to talk about mothers when it comes to beauty. We remember her favourite perfumes, how she complained about her nonexistent eyelashes, and when she braided our hair. Most of us got into our mother's makeup drawers and made a royal mess- or at least, I did. Mothers teach us a lot about beauty.

However, I think fathers teach their daughters a lot about beauty too. I am incredibly lucky to have a supportive, patient father. He's my biggest cheerleader and science-fiction movie watching buddy. My taste in music in part comes from being in the car with him growing up- no kid's CDs for us! My dad taught me a lot about science and loving the world around me. He's always ready for a new adventure (he constantly wears an "adventure hat"), and has encouraged me to follow my passions.

My father always says that when I put on makeup, I'm "fancy". If we go out to eat and I dress up, I look "pretty". In my prom dress, I was "stunning". However, I'm beautiful all the time, and he tells me that randomly. Regardless of what I've put on my face, I am beautiful to him not because of how I look. I'm beautiful to my father because I'm hardworking and passionate about what I do.

I think that's something important to remember, and it's definitely the most important thing my father has passed on to me about beauty. No matter how many tutorials on smokey eye I look up, I'm beautiful regardless of how nice my eye makeup looks. You can be as fancy as you'd like on the outside, but there is no substitute for a beautiful character.

Happy 60th, Dad. You mean the world to me, and I love you so much!
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pictured: My scent from Jamal Kazura (right) and the Lancôme Travel Collection 

Scents linger in people's minds much more than we realise. A signature scent is your ultimate fall-back scent for any occasion that you absolutely love. Like a hand written signature, a signature scent is entirely yours. My mother's signature scent is Shalimar perfume. She's been wearing it since she was a teenager, and her mother wore it too. When I smell Shalimar, I always think of my mother. When other people smell your signature scent, they should think of you. 

My signature scent is something I had mixed up when I was still living in Singapore. I bought it from Jamal Kazura on Arab Street, and it was an amazing experience. It's a blend of about 40% vanilla (top note) and 60% sandalwood/frankincense (base). The store clerk said it was a fairly unusual combination, as vanilla is very girly while sandalwood is stronger and unisex. However, I absolutely love this scent! It lingers on the skin and matures nicely. I've gotten a fair few compliments on it as well, which is always nice.  The scent is a thick roll-on liquid, and it doesn't take much at all to last all day. 

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Monday, September 15, 2014

So, I love beauty products.

However, I can't afford new products all the time. Actually, I can rarely afford new beauty products, and when I do buy them, I often feel quite guilty about it. I think college brings out the cheap side of everyone- you don't have enough cash to buy anything, but you want everything.

So, I'm always on the hunt for cheap beauty products I don't have to feel bad about picking up. Here's three discoveries I've found so far... I'll probably make another post when I find even more deals.

The Body Shop Outlet

I am a HUGE fan of The Body Shop-- I've been buying their products since I was in Middle School. The "Outlet" section is full of products that they are phasing out, which means they are really cheap. There's a compact on there that was originally $25, but is now on sale for $5! Keep an eye open on there for deals. I'm probably doing a lot of Christmas shopping on the outlet this year. There's no indication that the "Outlet" section is a result of poor make-- it's really just things they are phasing out.

The Beauty Bar

This is a newer discovery for me, but I think it's quite amazing. There are loads of great sales on some pretty high-end products. While there are still prices on that site that are way over my head, The Beauty Bar also has some decent deals. If you don't mind spending a long time looking, you can certainly find what you are looking for.


The ELF Sale section is an awesome place to find extremely cheap beauty products. I personally love ELF eyeshadow because I think the quality is quite decent for the price. Additionally, they come in a wide arrange of colours so you can buy lots of them! ELF is definitely a drugstore brand, but with most of the sale items being under $3, who cares?

Note: I am not affiliated with any of these companies, and have not been paid to promote them.
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Beauty blogging probably seems like a charmed endeavour to the vast majority of people. After all, who wouldn't want to spend their days talking about beauty products and doing makeup? It seems fun, easy, and something anyone can do. While I agree that anyone can blog, I think identifying as a blogger takes a little bit more than just posting on the internet and hoping someone reads it. Beauty blogging is a conscious activity that takes time, effort and thought.

So, I find it very infuriating to run into various assumptions about blogging. A blogger? I must have loads of free time to be able to do that. It must be easy. I must have lots of money to be able to afford all those products to talk about. And of course, I must be a pretty shallow person.

These assumptions are a bit disheartening! I can't think of anything less true about those three assumptions in relation to me, and most bloggers I know. Let's take these assumptions apart.

I don't have loads of free time.  Most bloggers I know don't have loads of free time.  I'm taking a full timetable like most other first-years. I have time to blog because I have carved it out of my schedule. If I could, I'd make "blogging time" appear out of thin air, but I can't. I'm as busy as the next person, and yes, I have a social life. I don't just sit here typing all day, even though part of me would like to. I'm studying something totally unrelated to beauty and blogging as well. So, I have to research the posts I create. I don't automatically know how to promote myself. I had to learn, and that took time. I don't watch TV. I work on my blog.

Beauty blogging is not necessarily cheap, though I'm managing to do it on a very tight budget. My camera is second hand, and I rarely buy products for the sake of reviewing them. At the moment, I'm not getting sent samples to review. Many of my products were gifts! There are literally thousands of beauty bloggers all fighting for what is essentially the same audience and samples.  There are a lot of products out there, but there are more beauty bloggers than PR samples. The products I review are my own: I've either purchased them myself, or received them as a gift. If they're not, I'll mark it in a post. Yet let it be known: I do not have hundreds of dollars to spend on products. I'm a college student just like the next kid-- basically broke.

The most frustrating assumption I've come across recently about beauty bloggers is that we all must be shallow people. After all, we dedicate significant chunks of time to talking about how to look pretty. We are the least feminist beings on the planet, because we're too busy acting pretty and living charmed lives. There isn't depth to our character because we are overly focused on the exterior.

So much about this makes me mad. But first of all--  I'm sure most women spend lots of time thinking about beauty. Society has always and will always value exterior beauty. You can read my post about the differences between Eastern and Western beauty here, but the point is that valuing beauty is cross-cultural. Writing about beauty hardly makes me a shallow person, considering we all think about it.  Additionally, to be remotely competitive with other bloggers, I have had to improve my photo-taking, social networking, and writing skills. I hardly think these are shallow endeavours in this 21st century world.

Someone told me that blogging is actually one of the hardest things you can do, because it turns you into a one-woman business and show. You have to keep everyone entertained, balance your checkbook, sell your product, and keep sane. While I personally think there are things far harder than blogging (like writing analytical essays), I understand her point. Beauty blogging is not easy.

That's why I love it.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Is there anything better than trying new cosmetics? I love trying new brands and products. That being said, there are a couple products that are absolute essentials in my beauty drawer. Some of these I have been buying since middle school... which is rather a while now!

1. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter

I'm pretty certain all the Body Shop body butters are heavenly, but this one takes the cake for me. I love smelling sweet, and there's nothing sweeter than strawberry! The scent is noticeable but not overwhelming.  I generally only wear it in the spring or summer. However, I have a small pot I'm working my way through right now. This product is quite hydrating without being sticky. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin. I'm in love.

2. Etude House Blush

I'm a huge fan of really pink blushes because I think they make for an adorable look. This "Strawberry Choux" blush is one of my all-time favourites. It has the cutest little powder puff for circular application, and oddly enough it blends easily. While you can certainly use a brush, I'm always okay using the puff. Sadly, I lost my peachy coloured Etude House blush, and I'm not sure when I can order one off Amazon.

3. Urban Decay Potion Primer

This stuff is basically gold and was absolutely essential in Singapore. Without it, my eyeshadow would be creasing and awful by my second period class. Urban Decay Potion Primer is easily the best primer I've ever tried, and I'm sticking with it. I'm not 100% certain how it works, but to be honest I really don't care. It keeps eyeshadow in place all day and intensifies the colour. What more can you ask for?

4. Lancome Concealer

I've already written a pretty substantial post about how much I love this stuff.  I won't repeat myself here.

5. Lúcido-L hair products

I have yet to purchase a product from  that disappoints me. The Lúcido-L Hair-Milk is a nice way to tame frizz, and makes the hair silky. I apply a quarter-sized dollop  directly after patting my hair dry. I also have a pink Design Pot that makes my hair lovely and wavy. It smells like apples and is a little sticky on the hands. Scrunching it through my hair and letting it air-dry makes for perfectly effortless waves.

Shop Makeup at!
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Leaves changing colors, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, layers, rainy days, pies...yep Fall is right around the corner and you know what that means...wardrobe change! Now I'm not a fashion expert in any way, but here are a few pieces that I think are essential for the upcoming season. (: Also, thank you to Natillie for letting me guest post on her blog! Check out her guest post on my blog here!

**DISCLAIMER: These are all my opinion, and I am not a fashion expert in any way! Enjoy!**

There are probably an infinite number of ways to style a military jacket, which is why I think it's one of those things you just gotta have in your closet. You can dress it casually with a t-shirt, jeans and boots, or dress it up with a collared shirt, black skinnies and heels. You could even pair it with a dress; if you want to dress casually just wear a casual dress and sandals, if you want to dress it up wear a more formal dress, add some accessories and pair it with some nice sandals or heels. If you want some more ideas on how to wear a military jacket click  here or here!

I know you're probably thinking...'thank you captain obvious,' but that's why I put sweaters in my essentials! It's difficult to get through Fall without a nice comfy sweater...probably why they call it sweater weather. (; Anywhoo...sweaters work like military jackets in that you can dress them both casually and dressy, depending on your mood that day. Need some more ideas on sweater outfits? Click here or here!

I'm not much of an accessory person but scarves are a must for my fall wardrobe. Chunky scarves are my favorite but honestly, any scarves look great during Fall/Winter. They can add a lot to a simple outfit, in my opinion.

I don't own any statement necklaces but I do think, like scarves, they can really add a lot to an outfit. Not sure how to style scarves or statement necklaces? No problem! If you wanna learn how to style scarves click here and to style necklaces you can click here.

Another staple for any fall closet would have to be ankle boots! You can pair them with jeans, shorts, dresses...almost anything! Knee-high boots are also popular during Fall/Winter, but I feel like ankle boots are more versatile, in that you have more outfit options. Need help styling ankle boots? Click here!

If you're not much of a sweater person, I 'd suggest going with cardigans! They're comfy, cozy, and you can pair them with almost any outfit. Are you starting to get why I chose these essentials? (; Cardigans come in all sorts of materials but my favorite would have to be knit cardigans. They look nice and they actually keep you warm! If you want to see how to style cardigans click here!

I absolutely love dresses in the fall! Even though all the ones above are paired with scarves, you could easily slap a statement necklace on, add a blazer and have a super nice outfit! You can probably tell how I like to dress up my dresses: cardigan, scarf, tights and ankle boots. (; Wanna see other ways to style dresses for fall? Click here or here!

And there you have it: my 2014 Fall essentials! Like this post? Check out more posts on my blog,! What are some of your Fall essentials? Let me know in the comments below! (:

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