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Monday, September 29, 2014

Apple Picking 2014

I had the most fun weekend! My parents came up for my dad's 60th birthday/his work, so we met up. A family tradition most New England families have is to go apple picking- and we are no exception.  We really like Shelburne Farm because they have a small-farm feel but have lots of apples. I personally think the McCoun or Courtland apple is my favourite, but my dad likes golden delicious. It was easily the hottest apple picking experience we ever had- it was about 80 degrees!

Even though I love living in the city of Boston, it was fun to get out to the country for a day. We drove through the area I grew up. It's funny how the curvy roads don't feel so curvy anymore, and how small some of the hills look now. Distance does funny things to how we perceive our world.

Don't worry, we're back to beauty tomorrow!

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