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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Autumn Beauty Wishlist

As I'm officially a university student now, being poor goes with the territory. I hope maintain my budget as well as I can, and purchase only what I need. Now, every now and then I'll splurge, and I'm already dreading the holiday season. Even though I can't buy everything I want, I can dream!

Here are my four wish list beauty items for autumn.

1. Shu Uemura "Ready to Go Palette: Black and White"

I already have the Shu Umera Tokyo Lights Palette, and I'm definitely a fan. The colours look so beautiful and layer well, and are very easy to blend. They are very easy to build up as well, and do not look too harsh. This looks like an amazing fall/winter palette for both smokey eyes and glitter winters!

I've never tried Shu Umera lipstick but I've heard great things about it. My friend is absolutely obsessed with hers, and to be honest, out of this entire list this is probably the product I am the most likely to buy. Maroon lipstick is great for autumn because it matches the mood of the season more than a light spring pink or deep winter red. 

Definitely check out this cool concealer. It's a tri-coloured palette that targets each part of the eye to brighten the overall appearance. I've been eyeing this for ages, and as I start university I think I'll be needing to create a fresh-faced look! I love Lancôme and their foundation/concealer products have never failed me. 

So, I am really lazy when it comes to my brows. I don't normally define them even though I know it really does clean up the face. However, I met someone here at BU who honestly has the most beautiful brows ever. I think I've been converted... 

I did not include photos of these items on my blog because I'm terrified of getting sued after reading this article on However, once/if I ever get these items, you can bet I'm taking 1,000 photos of them and how to use them!

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