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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day of University

I'm officially done with classes on my first day of University. That was quick!

Getting up this morning was rough because I seem to have come down with some sort of a cold. I haven't been feeling well for the past couple of days (as everyone who knows me personally is well aware of), and had to get up first in my room. Being as quiet as possible isn't necessarily easy for me because I'm really clumsy in the mornings!

I had an 8am International Relations lecture this morning that was pretty interesting. The professor used Game of Thrones to explain the hierarchy of power, so I quite like him. He picked a scene that I found really interesting the first time I watched it, but the perspective in it was very curious. I'm quite hopeful he actually assigns watching the show for class, but that's really a bit far-fetched.

After the lecture,  I had an early lunch with my boyfriend. He now lives down the street from me, which is pretty cool since before in Singapore we were a good 30 minute trek.

Dance class in the FitRec was fun because it was a very artsy class. Rather than focus on what looks good to an audience, Improvisation (at the moment) is all about what feels good. So, if I'm not in the mood to jump, I don't have to! There's apparently more dance related things on Thursday that I'm quite excited for.

I wasn't as nervous as I thought I was going to be this morning. Everyone else seemed to be going about their business as usual, so I followed along. I wish I had got to lecture earlier this morning, since I had to sit in the back. Someone spilled their coffee on the ground and it was a bit unpleasant.

Now I'm waiting around for the Post to open, because I received a parcel. My school emails me when one comes in-- it's so cool!

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