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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Newbury Street and Pamper Sunday

I've had the most wonderful weekend!

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to Newbury Street. We got lunch at a place called Ikura, which was pretty good. I thought the presentation of my boyfriend's dish was very pretty (on the right). My food was tasty as well. They are going to open up a Cha Time across from the restaurant that I'm quite excited about. There are Cha Time in Singapore and Bangkok, and it's pretty good!

My boyfriend has been talking about getting new shoes for a while, so we decided to look around.  After a bit of a false start, I decided that he ought to get some decent quality shoes so we went to Clarks. He got a new pair of shoes that will hopefully last him a while... and I decided to shop too! I'm a huge fan of Clarks because they often carry my size, and I got really lucky and found an amazing pair of boots. They are pretty warm, and I'm hoping they last me a good number of years. Not sure if they are true winter boots though-- I've been away from winter too long to tell.

We popped into Lush (I have a patient boyfriend) and Anthropologie as well. I only bought one thing at Lush... but more on that later. I love Anthropologie but everything in there is far too expensive for me to buy. A girl can dream, right?

Before leaving  Newbury street, we grabbed a Pinkberry. I'm a huge fan of mochi on my frozen yogurt. Doesn't it look lovely? We basically ate our way through the afternoon!

Today is a bit of a Pamper Day, and I started by using the Hair Doctor pot I picked up at Lush. I'll be posting more about this later in the week, but I definitely can say that it smells amazing. I love earthy scents! It's pairing really well with my signature scent.

I then applied Vitamin E oil to my skin which is making it really soft. It really does not take long to soak in, which is nice because no one wants to walk around as an oil slick.

After washing my hands really well to make sure there are no traces of oil on my nails, I applied a new coat of nail polish. If there was oil on my nails, the polish would not adhere well and make a really big mess. I think paining my nails is such a relaxing activity... some of my friends would disagree. I suppose the smell gets to some people!

Pamper days are really lovely when you're feeling a bit stressed out. It feels good to take care of yourself inside and out, as silly as that sounds. Recharging before a new week is one of the best ways, I've found, to stay on top of everything.

Hope you all had a great weekend too! I'm going to be part of the #USBloggerChat on Thursday night at 8pm... hope to see fellow bloggers there. 

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