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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Random Favourites!

Here are my Five Favourite Things of Right Now... a little random perhaps, but all in good fun!

Favourite Skin Care Product: Vitamin E Oil

I know I've been talking about this stuff so much these days you probably think I'm a bit obsessed, but there's a good reason for it! I recently started breaking out (thanks, stress) and have noticed the healing process is so much faster when I apply a bit of Vitamin E to the fading scars. It's just so useful for so many different skin ailments.

Favourite Makeup Product: Maybelline BB Cream

This BB cream has cropped up on this blog at least once, and I'm a huge fan of it right now because it is quite hydrating. I'm not used to this dry Boston weather yet, and my skin really needs some hydration! I strongly suspect this product is not available in the US, but I'm sure there's a way to get it shipped over.

Favourite Blog: Sweet Electric

I've talked about Zoe and her lovely blog Sweet Electric before, but I'm at it again because I think her posts are just so helpful. Between HTML tips and new blogger advice, Zoe is the first person's blog I go to when I'm a bit confused. She's also a really sweet person and quite patient with me when I tweet her. Well worth the read. If you check her out, tell her I sent you :D

Favourite Song: "Disappear Without a Trace" by the Parlotones

The Parlotones is a South African band that my friend introduced me to back in middle school. I've started listening to them again, and I feel like I'm connecting with the music more now than I was back then. This is a rather old  song, but it's absolutely amazing. I think it's a beautiful balance of romantic and sexy. It's real, but also a bit idealistic. I'm not even joking when I say I want this song to play at my wedding someday. I absolutely love it.

Favourite Quote: Emma Watson, "Gender equality is your issue too".

I don't generally call myself a feminist because I received so much backlash for doing so in high school. I ultimately hold many feminist views, but I disagree with much of the feminist perspective of International Relations/politics. However, Emma Watson's recent UN speech really got me, and many others, thinking. Gender equality affects men as much as women, because men have women in their lives. There's no reason that men can't work with women to achieve more gender equality. Even if they don't like the term "feminist", I'd say a fair number of people like what comes with feminism. Understanding, respect, equality... and ultimately, a better future for all.

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