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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Thank You Notes: Why You Should Write Them

There is so much more to beauty than merely taking care of one's hair, nails and skin. In order to be truly beautiful, one must cultivate the outside and inside equally. By that logic, addressing the dying art of the thank-you note seems pretty important.

Thank-you notes serve an obvious purpose-- to thank someone for something you have received from them. In this day and age with text messages, Facebook chats, and Twitter can express one's thanks quickly and easily, sending a note through snail-mail might seem silly.

However, hand-written thank-you notes sent the old-fashioned way give off a certain amount of class and sophistication. Since so few people send these notes, you stand out as a feminine, considerate, polite and cultured person. Therefore, sending a thank-you note should be second nature upon receiving something.

When you choose a thank-you note, pick one that reflects you personality. Simple is often best. While wild colours and bold patterns may be fun to look at, they can often be a bit too bright.  The one displayed above are from Target, and cost me about $10 for a pack of 40. The quality isn't the best, but they are very sophisticated looking.

Sending a thank-you note reflects beauty and elegance because it shows that you care about what you received, and the person that sent it. That care, which is so absent from today's busy world, sets one apart as a beautiful lady.

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