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Friday, September 5, 2014

Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging

I started blogging back in 2011, so I'm not exactly new to this. However, creating a new blog was a big step for me and went along with the rest of the college transition. Here are three things that I wish I had known back when I started blogging, that new bloggers can easily do/not do.

1. Make a blog that can grow with you.

I made a blog called "Sent to Singapore", which was great at the time. The blog was going to be about my life living in Singapore, including expat teen tips, travel, and personal stories. However, once I moved from Singapore, I could not keep writing a blog called "Sent to Singapore" if I was living in Boston! So, I wish I had come up with the idea for earlier in order to keep my audience and go over a wider range of topics.

2. Photos: Take your own, and put them up regularly

I rarely ever put photos up on my old blog, and I'm really trying to do so on this one. Photos are great attention grabbers. The difference between an awesome blogger and a normal blogger can be the photos they include with their posts. At least, the difference between a blog someone will stay on for more than two seconds and a blog they will click "next" on can be photos.  Additionally, they can pop up on search engines which is nice if you're trying to build an audience. Bloggers need to be aware that they can be sued for using photos that are not theirs (there are horror stories), even if you don't make money from your blog.

3. Don't apologise constantly

In general, I have a nasty habit of apologising to everyone over just about everything. However, in the blogging world, when you're getting started people don't really care why you missed this day or that day blogging. It might cost you traffic, but until you get a solid readership you sound incredibly silly apologising to no one. The exception to this might be if you're writing primarily for friends and family and they are nagging you to post something-- but this is very rare from my experience.

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