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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tokyo Lights Palette by Shu Uemura

Tokyo Lights Palette by Shu Uemura
Note in the swatches that the sparkly white colour is shown before the deep maroon.

I've mentioned the Tokyo Lights Palette by Shu Uemura a couple of times on this blog, but I've never given it its own post. That's a shame, because it's a really lovely palette-- so I'm giving it the attention it deserves now.

The story about how I obtained this palette is a bit funny. We had these gift vouchers from Singapore Airlines because my dad was flying with them a lot, and we needed to use them in the Krisshop. My dad let me pick out this beautiful palette, as well as Dior Addict perfume. So, I bought this palette on an airplane.

I was a little worried about this palette being as pretty as it looked in the pictures, but thankfully it is. The colours are pretty pigmented and rich, and really pop on the eyes. The maroon is really quite dark and looks amazing in the creases. The purple, when blended into the pink, makes for a simply beautiful, orchid-like look. Maybe I'll post an eyeshadow tutorial with this palette later. 

The peachy-colour and the coppery colour are my favourite for day wear, as they look very natural on me. Blended together, they brighten up the eyes without looking too harsh. Really a dual-use palette for both day and night.

The one "colour" I'm not 100% sure about is the extremely sparkly white. It's basically pressed glitter, and must be carefully patted on. Since the rest of the palette is already so shimmery, I'm not sure straight glitter is totally necessary. However, it does make for a fairy-look, which is very romantic. 

Overall, I really like this palette! I think it's well-balanced and has the potential for several different looks. It's unfortunate that Shu Uemura has mostly (or entirely?) pulled out of the US market, because it's really popular in Asia and is simply great. 

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