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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Dorm

I know I said no blog post today on Twitter, but I had to share how cute my dorm room is these days. My awesome Aunt Nancy sent the banner (which is above my bed), the glitter spiders, and the glow-in-the-dark nail polish. The nail polish really works, I'm impressed! It's not too obvious or gritty either, which I really like.

The flowers were sent my parents, which was a lovely unexpected surprise. They haven't wilted too badly yet, which is good because I'm awful at keeping plants alive. Ask my mother....

Well, stay tuned for part 2 of Sweet Electric's blog interview tomorrow! If you haven't read Part 1, check it out here.  


  1. I bought some glow in the dark nail polish not too long again and I was surprised at how well it worked. I thought it would be a total flop. Although it does leave a strange finish, kind of blurry and creamy. But it's just a cheapy one from the Essence brand so not too bad.

    ~ K

    1. Hi ~K!

      Thanks for commenting on my blog :D
      I'm always a bit surprised that glow-in-the-dark nail polish works. I'm glad to hear the one you bought works too!

  2. would have liked to see the nail polish on you! it looks awesome on the bottle :)



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