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Friday, October 3, 2014

Lush Hair Doctor Update

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Newbury Street here in Boston and popped into Lush. I bought the Lush Hair Doctor! Now that I've gone through the container, I'm going to really discuss this product in terms of what I think a product like this should do.

Shininess: Yes! My hair has been so much more shiny since using this product. I tend to have shiny hair anyways, but I noticed a difference after the first time I used this product. What's nice is that the shininess doesn't wash away-- even after a couple of washes, it's still better than before.

Softness: Yes! My hair is definitely softer since using this product.

Hair Fall: Maybe. I'm notorious in my family as a shedder, and I've noticed my hair seems to be falling out less. However, I recently moved back to the States, and my hair apparently enjoys falling out after international moves. So, I might just be adjusting back to the water.

Hair Strength: Maybe. This will come more with having a healthier scalp. I do think less hair is breaking based on the amount that comes off in my brush, but I can't confirm.

Sensitive Skin: Not necessarily. I have pretty sensitive skin and I didn't react to this product in a negative way, but I can definitely see (based on the ingredient list) that you could be allergic to some of the stuff in this hair mask.

Ease of Use: You need to wash your hair twice with shampoo to get it all out. I figured this out the second time using the product when I still had residue on my scalp! If you really massage it into the scalp, you need to wash it out thoroughly.

Purchase Again: Yes, with reservations. I used this product three times, and it was $15. So that's $5 a use, which is pretty steep in my book. I would get it if I felt like my hair was being really beaten up by the wind or the blowdryer, but I don't know if it's 100% necessary for non-dyed, non-heat treated hair. It is very fun to use and feels quite luxurious, which I like!


  1. Great review! The price per use does seem a but steep but I might give this a go when winter sets in and my hair needs some TLC!

    x Sneha |

    1. Thanks Sneha! I had fun writing it. The price is steep, but I think it's worth a treat every now and then!


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