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Friday, October 17, 2014

#OwntheRoom Event at Ann Taylor, Boston

 Yay, free magazine! It looks wonderful

Not the best photo of a very cute sweater from Ann Taylor

Last night I went to an amazing event at the Ann Taylor in the Prudential Centre called Own the Room. I wasn't sure what I was expecting. Since I found out about it through the Boston Bloggers Facebook group (which you should totally join if you're a Boston Blogger), I figured there would be more bloggers there. However, I didn't meet any-- but I might have been talking to the wrong people. Silly me didn't take any photos of the actual event. I was too busy chatting with people.

Everyone who managed to get a seat got a free copy of the October edition of marie claire magazine. There were also abundant sweets, including delicious raspberry macaroons, chocolate-peanut butter bon bons, and these delicious fruit-liquor soaked mini cakes. I did a little shopping and bought myself a new sweater for $20 (it was originally to be sold at $70), so I feel like I got a good deal. I got a free subscription of marie claire for my purchase, which was nice.

I meant to take advantage of the free professional profile pictures being taken, but I missed out. It's okay, I'm sure I'll get them done eventually!

Blue Mercury was there doing mini makeovers, which was super nice. Apparently pink cheeks aren't very professional, though they are very cute. I'm interested in working with them in the future... we'll see how it goes!

We had two wonderful guest speakers, marie claire's marketing editor Brittany Korerski and The Ladder's CPCC & CPRW, Amanda Augustine. They both had a LOT to say about how to look professional! From cleaning up your social media presence to dressing conservatively but fashionably, the panel discussed the ins and outs of looking good in the office. I thought it was really interesting, and since I'm going to enter the workforce soon enough, I took note. The girl next to me actually took notes! I can't blame her though.

I actually Google'd myself this evening at the suggestion of Amanda Augustine and found that I'm not even the top pop-up for my name! There are a couple of blonde girls with very revealing tops on instead... I hope future employers don't think that is me.

Anyways, I had a lovely evening! The event was free and I wasn't paid to promote any bit of it... I just had a great time. Though it wasn't technically a blogger meetup (at all), I'm still glad I went. I think I learned a fair bit.

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  1. I wanna do a blogger meetup or some kind of event someday soon!!



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