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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Staying Inspired

Sometimes, it's hard to stay inspired as a blogger. Actually, sometimes it's hard to stay inspired as a person. As a college student, I'm constantly being told I'm full of potential. However, as I write this blog post last minute on the floor of my dorm with my roommates laughing at stupid YouTube videos, I question this.  It's so easy to get dragged down into negativity here. 

The way I stay inspired as a person is to remember the incredible things people can do. On the top left, a tiny island in Borneo transformed into a luxury paradise while helping conserve sea turtles. On the top right, the longest wall mankind has ever built in China. On the bottom left, a  beautiful horse carving in England in a wall. On the bottom right, possibly the most impressive-- in Turkey, fairy chimneys rising into the sky that early Christians lived out their lives.

It's easy to feel small when considering such amazing things. It's easy to think that it's impossible to accomplish anything on that great a scale. As a blogger, it's easy to feel like I'll never be read by anybody. However, at one point, the people who innovated and invented the things we marvel at today were people like us. They probably weren't sure what they were doing. They probably weren't sure what impact they would have on people after them. But they impacted me for a moment, or a lifetime, and I felt the need to capture their achievements in a photograph. They did something.

I will do something. I will blog, create photographs and do something that makes me happy. Even if those things aren't worthy of other people's time, it will be worth my time. So, it's worth it. 

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