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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sweet Electric Blog Interview Part 2

If you haven't checked out part I of the Sweet Electric blog interview, check it out here! Zoe is one of my favourite bloggers and on top of that, is a really nice person. This week is the beauty portion of the ridiculously long list of interview questions I sent her. Exciting!

Beauty Questions:
1. What is one brand/product that has never failed you?

I have a soft spot for MAC as they have some great products but I'd say the one product that hasn't let me down so far is Revlon Colorstay foundation as its one of few bases that stays put on my oily skin.

2. If you could make a magical product that did anything you wanted, what would it to?

I'd love a nail polish that somehow transformed into nail art like maybe a marbling effect. I know you can get nail wraps but if someone invented a polish it would be awesome!

3. What's the closest real-life product to your magical one?

Probably nail wraps but they're quite tricky to apply. 

4. How old were you when you started wearing makeup? How do you feel about young girls wearing it, and do you consider them in posts you write?

I was around 13 when I started wearing makeup. It's a tough one because if I had a young daughter, I wouldn't want her wearing makeup till she was in her teens but I totally understand why young girls want to experiment with beauty products. I think as long as young girls are wearing makeup for themselves and to enhance their features, rather than as a mask then its OK.

5. What is one thing you wish you could change about the beauty industry? Does your position as a beauty blogger influence your opinion? 

I wish makeup/beauty wasn't so ageist. A lot of brands generally don't seem to regard older consumers but age shouldn't be a factor in an ideal world. I might not feel that way if I wasn't a blogger but its something I've definitely noticed more since starting beauty blogging.

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