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Friday, November 21, 2014

Balancing School and Blogging

For those of you that don't know, I'm a university student. Even better, I'm a first-year, which makes life complicated. Figuring this all out hasn't been easy, but I have figured out some rules for myself to stay balanced.

1) School will always come first.

I'm typing this out as fast as I can before I go to sleep... it's 1:30 in the morning. I've studied until my head hurts, and blogging is helping make me sleepy. Blogging now means work is done.

2) Blogging can be a break from studying.

Actually, I mostly blog when I don't want to do my homework. However, I only blog for 30 minutes before I go back to work. So, school might come first, but blogging keeps me sane.

3) I'd rather not post on the blog than get overly stressed.

If you're a long-term reader of this blog, you know I try to post 5 times a week. However, this hasn't been happening lately-- because I have 2 papers due in 3 weeks, plus an exam tomorrow that I've been studying for. Not posting sucks, but not doing well in uni or getting stressed out over the blog sucks worse.

So fellow bloggers, how do you stay balanced?


  1. Though I'm only in high school, I understand how balancing is hard. I didn't blog most of October because I didn't have the mental or creative capacity to think with all the school work I had. It's gotten better though. Currently, I am taking a well needed break from work to blog and relax. Sounds like you are great it balancing! Better take up these suggestions :)

    1. Hi Zoe,

      I started blogging in high school, so don't you worry, I remember how weirdly exhausting it is. Do what suits you, that's the best any of us can do!

  2. Oh girl, I feel you! Balancing college and blogging is challenging but I think if you try to balance both it really helps you manage your time and you still get to do what you enjoy at the same time. Definitely something you have to learn to do though!

    My blogging schedule is all messed up right now...actually I don't have a schedule at all....but I'm hoping to get a hang of it soon. It's my second year at college and I've started getting more involved with organizations on campus so it's been even harder for me to blog, but I try to set a goal for myself. Right now that goal is to have at least one post out a week. I hope to grow from there, but for now I think that's all I can handle.

    It just depends on you and where you feel blogging fits in your life. (:

    Lots of Love,

    1. Whoops, sorry for the late reply Manpreet. I don't really have a schedule either, but I try to post 4-5 time a week. You'll sort it out!

  3. blogging is the most fun type of break besides eating, haha


  4. I'm a first-year at university as well, and it's so stressful sometimes to get everthing done. Great rules you have set for yourself, blogging is always a fun break :)

    1. If I didn't have a blog, I'd watch a lot more TV... but blogging is more fun than watching TV during homework breaks anyways!
      Thanks for reading :D

  5. I only post on Mondays and Fridays, but I write a lot, so even if I don't have time the same day, I can still post. Thats what I did today.

    Zoe xx

    1. That's a really good plan. I'm thinking about cutting down but having lots of posts stored up.
      Thanks for reading!


Thanks for the comment! I read every single one :D

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