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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014

The lovely Steph Defined  (her Twitter) and I decided to team up and make an awesome holiday gift guide for 2014 just before Black Friday! Well, she contacted me with the idea, and... technicalities. The list here on my blog are all $20 or less.  You can go check out her blog here for the gift list over $20! The first five items are ones Steph picked out, and the last five are mine!

Steph's Five

My Five

Hope you enjoyed the list! Head over to Steph Defined for the $20-$100 gift guide. Happy shopping this season!


  1. If in doubt, pout, which around Christmas time roughly translates to, if in doubt, buy them a lipstick! I've asked for a few new MAC lipsticks, so fingers crossed!

    1. Hi Hayley!

      Thanks for checking out this post! I love MAC lipsticks because they are super nice, but not so expensive that if it gets lost, the world is over.

  2. I want that eyelash curler from Tarte, just coz lol


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