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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New House is Home

I'm home for Thanksgiving! My family recently moved to New Jersey, but this is the first time I'm living in the house itself. For reasons known as safety, I'm not going to post pictures of the rest of the house. But, I think it's cute that my parents put this up for me. 

My friend from Singapore came in today from Boston University as well. This is his first Thanksgiving in the US, and we're really excited to have him here. 

Tomorrow I'm going to be baking an apple pie. I'll blog that whole experience... perhaps during Thanksgiving, this will turn into a bit of a food blog. 

I've got some beauty posts lined up, but there's much more interesting things going on at the moment in all honesty. I'm home! I have a beautiful bedroom (that I will post about later)! There's six inches of snow on the ground  (and it's still coming down)! Thanksgiving is a lovely time to be with friends and family. 


  1. That so exciting about your new home! It must be so fun to have a new bedroom too. And I'm so jealous you have snow- I would love that so much, it makes the season more festive, I'm sure. :)

    1. It does feel very festive! I'm happy to call this house home.


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