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Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Part II: The Dinner Part

Thanksgiving Part II: The Dinner Part

My dad barbecued a turkey. Doesn't it look yummy? I can't wait to eat more for dinner tonight. He's been grilling turkeys for some time now... it's nice because then the house doesn't smell like turkey all day, so you can actually taste it when it's time to sit down to eat. 

Our pretty table. My mother brought all the decorations out, it's really lovely. I sat in the first seat on the left. Some of the food is out on the table, but not all of it. I made potatoes and apple pie. 

Me, my mother, and my friend Bram from Singapore all at the Thanksgiving table.

My mother is a miracle worker and managed to get through all the dishes. Bram and I crashed out after dinner for about an hour and a half... we weren't very useful at all!

This was the sunset off the back deck of the house. It's really beautiful here in New Jersey. There's more to New Jersey than the Jersey Shore! It's got beautiful forest... and my parents own a piece. 


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