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Friday, December 19, 2014

Nerd Makeup Series: Lina

It wouldn't be fair to do Crystal Maiden makeup without doing her older sister's as well! Lina is a fiery hero from Dota 2. She's a burst-damage hero who likes it hot. 

Lina has distinct white markings on her face that I initially did not know how to interpret into everyday style makeup. I ended up using this new Liquid Illuminator I picked up from NYX to highlight the areas of my face where Lina has markings. This brings light to my face. Her markings are on her chin, cheekbones and above her eyebrows-- places you would highlight anyways. 

Lina appears to be wearing a smokey eye-- there's little colour above the crease of her eyelids. She's the sexy one of the two sisters, so going dark and smokey on her makes sense. Go for an eyeshadow that's got some sparkle to it-- my base colour for the smokey eye was called Snakebite from the Naked 2 palette.  For lips, adding shimmer over bare lips concentrates the shine in the folds. This gives a slightly magical touch to the lips without being overpowering. 

Until next week in the Nerd Makeup series.... 

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