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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What I Actually Want in My Stocking

I already did a 2014 Holiday Gift Guide on the blog, but I realised yesterday that I never mentioned what I would like in my stocking. While the under $20 items on my end of the gift guide could probably work as well, I thought this would be fun. The list gets a little more.. um, interesting as it goes.  

I don't even know what the Lush Butterbear smells like, it's just so cute. Therefore it should be in my stocking.

Oh poor baby, I think the  Lush Melting Snowman is simply adorable. Apparently using it will make the skin smell like Christmas. But mostly I want him because he's darling. 

Speaking of marzipan, I love it very much. However I haven't eaten any in three years since I was living in Singapore. Thankfully Bergen Marzipan is on Amazon so this could show up in my stocking for me to eat in a single sitting. Don't mess with my love of marzipan. 

While we're on the topic of things vaguely related to fruit, I might as well mention this awesome strawberry set from the Body Shop that includes my favourite strawberry body butter. 

All these products are great, aren't they? They're quite realistic and not terribly expensive. I'm such an easy person to buy presents for, I know. Or at least that's what I hope you think. Below are the two things I really want for Christmas. Take it with a grain of salt!

Another great Christmas "present" would be some conditional offers to the schools I applied to via UCAS. Doesn't that sound wonderful? I know the applications haven't even processed yet, but I think an acceptance letter should be in my stocking. Santa, make it happen. 

An acceptance letter or conditional offer or whatever would be awesome! It would really make my day. Only one other thing would make me even happier....

...At the end of the day, the best stocking stuffer to give a college student is cash. Just fill the entire stocking full, it's okay if some sticks out at the top. Living as a college student is a weird mix between expensive and cheap. Therefore, while all the stuff I listed above would be fine and dandy, a giant stocking full of money would make any student, or person for that matter, very happy. 


  1. I just want more iTunes gift card so I can buy the first three One Direction albums!!!


    1. I hope the iTunes fairy comes your way then!

  2. I got the Santa snowman from Lush! smells unbelievable :D Good luck with your UCAS!


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