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Monday, December 29, 2014

Why I'm Not on the Detox Bandwagon

I don't know if it's just me, but it seems like every other advert I've seen this season has been about detoxing.  I could buy detox tea, detox bath salts, detox soap... the list goes on. Now, I thought the fad died out over the summer, but clearly I am wrong. Detoxing remains a popular at-home remedy for basically everything. Right now, people want to lose their holiday weight... or at least they will after New Years. The New Year represents another chance for people to clean up their acts... so some people start detoxing. Sorry, I don't buy it.

The thing everyone seems to be afraid of these days is toxins. What the heck toxins are, I don't know. Ask one person, and it's the manufacturing chemicals used in daily life. Ask another, toxins are metals in our water and soil that we consume. Ask someone else, and it's fats and mysterious chemicals in meats. Whatever they are, everyone is afraid of toxins.

Until someone tells me what exactly we're all supposed to be fearing, I don't buy it. We have to accept that modern life comes with its drawbacks, and chemical exposure is one of them. Everything, including our own bodies, are made of chemicals. I'm sure this horse has been beaten plenty of times, but radon is organic. There are definitely things to fear that can make us sick, but throwing the net wide with "toxins" seems a bit silly to me.

The thing about detoxing is even though there's nothing solidly scientific about it, people are into it. A quick Google search will yield various recipes and options for detoxing-- anything from bathing in sea salt to cutting out fruit is apparently going to detox you. I love epson salt baths, and was pleasantly surprised that my winter ritual is considered a good way to detox. I don't think detoxing in little cases like these hurt, but I'm not going out of my way to detox.

What blows my mind is how judgemental people get about detoxing. Nothing is going to work for everybody, but there's no reason to judge them on it. Detoxing, like dieting, is not a religion. There's no way to know it works for sure, and anecdotes DO NOT prove anything. The judgement surrounding detoxing makes for a really toxic atmosphere at times. I don't know if we can truly get rid of the "environmental toxins" that surround us... but we can work to change the toxic social and emotional environments around us. Joining the detoxing bandwagon seems too, well, toxic for me.

Instead of working on detoxing my body of whatever "toxins" might be lurking about, I'm going to work on reducing the emotional toxicity of my environment. Cutting negative people out of my life, reducing stress, and focusing on positivity are much more definite ways to "detox"!


  1. Love this post! I'm totally not into the whole detox thing I don't really see the point

  2. Thanks for commenting! I think it's a whole bunch of nonsense :D


Thanks for the comment! I read every single one :D

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