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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Five Fast Beauty Tips and an Update

My mother and aunt are great beauty resources. Since I'm sick, I'm going to borrow their beauty knowledge for this post. Here are five quick tips they've told me over the years!

1) Put used tea bags under your eyes to get rid of puffiness.

2) Don't use hot rollers on your hair every day.

3) Keep your hair long enough that humidity doesn't turn you into a lion.

4)  Don't over-wash your face. If you have dry skin, before bed might be enough.

5) If you do nothing else, straighten your back and present yourself elegantly.

Are these old-fashioned? I don't think most of us use hot rollers every day anymore, but not using heat constantly on one's hair is a very good tip. The tea bags under eyes is a New Englander trick that goes along nicely with the motto "Waste not, want not".

I have to confess number 3 is something my mother learned in Singapore. Her hair was quite short initially and the humidity was hard on it. I made fun of her for being a lion for months before her hair finally grew out... for her sake, I won't post a picture.

I've been complaining on Twitter for a while, but I've got an upper respiratory infection which has been making me quite miserable for two weeks. My dad was sick before me, and my aunt across the country was also sick. This family gets sick in patterns... my dad gets sick, I get sick, and once we're both better, my mom gets sick. So that's why I haven't been blogging much this week... I've been too busy sleeping!

Hopefully once I get back to Boston I can pick up blogging again and also not be sick.

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