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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Five Cheap Valentine's Date Ideas

I have to confess that my boyfriend and I don't really do Valentine's Day that well. Since his birthday, Valentine's Day and our anniversary fall within a ten day period, Valentine's Day gets played down. That being said, a cheap date is a great date and can be even more fun than a fancy dinner. Anyways, here are five cheap Valentine's Day date ideas for you and your sweetheart!

1) Window Shopping

Yes, this sounds silly. Who on earth wants to just wander around and look at shops? This date is probably better if you've been dating for a while. Window shopping is fun because 1) it's free and 2) it makes for lots of conversation. Window shopping can easily turn into people watching, wandering into a café, or getting lost together and finding your way out. It's a good date, I promise.

2)  Afternoon Café

If you're in a newer relationship or on the young side, going to a café for sweets and tea is much more low key and cheaper than going to an upscale place for dinner. Besides, nothing puts a girl in a better mood than sweets!

3) Indoor Picnic

It's super cold here in Boston, so a real picnic in the park is 100% out unless my boyfriend and I wanted to turn into snow-people. Indoor picnics are fun because you can have hot food, real utensils that you can wash up afterwards quite easily, and you can snuggle up under as many blankets as you want. I'm all for indoor picnics.

4) Cook Yourselves Dinner

Want a steak, but don't want to pay for one made in a restaurant? Great, cook it yourself. You'll save money and potentially go on an epic meal preparation that you'll laugh about for years to come. Since I'm Chinese I'd probably go for dumpling-making, which is not only fun, but delicious.

5) Lazy Movie Day

Movie theatres are crazy on Valentine's Day, and it's a total mystery to me. Why would you go somewhere where you can't talk to your date and the seats hurt your bum? Watch some painfully cheesy movies and be prepared to laugh the day away. Bonus points if you already have the movies, or use Netflix.

So, there's my Valentine's Day suggestions! Maybe I'll make a post for the single ladies who will be browsing blogs on Valentine's Day too... hmm.

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  1. well, I just went to the mall with a friend and ended up spending $40 at VS. and then got samples from a couple places. sushi for lunch, and then Dairy Queen for dessert. oh, also went to the library :)



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