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Monday, February 2, 2015

How to Put Your Instagram Pictures in a Blog Post

After #USBloggerChat on Thursday night last week, a blogger asked me how I got my Instagram image into my blog post. I frantically tried to explain over tweet (which isn't that effective), and decided to write this post. Though she's got it sorted out now, I'm going to post this for anyone else trying to figure it out. It's pretty easy, wait and see!

First, go to your Instagram online. Your URL is 

... mine is natalie.mei

Next, pick a picture you want to put on your blog. I'm going to use this one from the time I made Hokkaido creme cupcakes. They were delicious, by the way. 

Now, see on the right hand side on the screen there's this big white box? If you get comments on your Instagram posts, they'd be there. On the very bottom there is a box with 3 dots in it. Click on it, and "Report Inappropriate" and "Embed" pop up. Don't report your own image. Do, however, click "Embed". 

Once you click "Embed" the screen goes dark and there's a box that pops up. There's lots of text stuff (that's magical HTML, for those of us who don't know what it means). Highlight it ALL and copy it. 

Now, come back to your Blogger work space thing. In the upper corner under your blog name, there's a two-part box. One side says "Compose" and the other side says "HTML". Click on "HTML" to switch over. Now, paste all that HTML stuff that you copied from Instagram into the box. It will look like this. You can paste it anywhere in your post, but make sure you don't mess with anything else. 

Switch back over to the "Compose" side of things on Blogger, and the image will be a giant grey box. I have no idea how to change the size of the image... but hey, at least your Instagram image is there, right? There's also no default "follow" feature, but your URL will be on the top left corner of your image so that's good enough. 

A photo posted by Natalie (@natalie.mei) on

And there's my image ^^

Should I do other little blogging tutorials? It's interesting to see what people know/don't know. I hope this was helpful and let me know which of my Instagram photos is YOUR favourite!

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  1. This was sooo helpful! I've never knew what the whole embed thing was on instagram and now I know...feel kinda slow too hahaha! Yes you should definitely teach us more this was very simple and easy to do and I love the screenshots of how to do them all! I just followed you!!! I love that picture of all the books for dummies haha I literally would have contemplated buying all of them. I came across an old book about book for dummies from my brother all about web publishing and now I'm studying it like I'm about to have an exam haha!

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