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Monday, March 30, 2015

I should be working on homework right now. I have a video presentation assignment, a regular homework assignment, and about four hours of reading to do. However, I don't want to do any of it. If anyone has motivation tips, that would be amazing. In the meantime, however....

1. Paint your nails
2. Watch a new show on Netflix
3. Read a book for fun
4. Wash the dishes
5. Cook something
6. Do the laundry
7. Order a pizza 
8. Reorganise your drawers
9. Online shop
10. Learn how to count in a new language
11. Feel modestly guilty, then don't because you hate homework
12. Question why you're bothering to try anyways
13. Eat ice cream 
14. Watch too much YouTube
15. Find a new band online
16. Look through old photos 
17.  Learn a new hairstyle
18. Take a nap
19. Call a friend
20. Write a blog post about avoiding your homework. 

What is the worst homework assignment you've ever been given? I think mine are any video projects that take a long time for 2% of your final grade. Since video editing takes so long, there really isn't a point to such an assignment! 
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The other day I had a couple of bloggers asking what I do to stay fit. Since I don't have a "typical" workout schedule, I figured I'd talk about it here on the blog.

Tuesday: Aerial Silks
Thursday: Skating, Aerial Silks
Friday: Contemporary Dance

I started aerial silks this semester and it's honestly the best workout I have ever done. You use every single muscle of your body, including some you didn't know you had! Initially I was only doing it once a week, but I liked it so much (and had an extra class credit) that I added on a second class. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I'm up in the silks.

Silk is a lot of fun, but it's a lot harder than it looks. There's a ton of skill involved and mats are very important. However, you find that you are stronger physically and mentally than you think, which is really amazing. Silks has taught me that trying out new things is a lot of fun!

I decided to take skating this semester and it's a lot of fun as well. Since there's nothing "natural" about skating, it is great exercise. It's also a great way to make new friends! Some of us girls in the class have gotten pretty close. One thing I have to mention though is that I'm always falling down. I also tend to be good at the pretty tricks rather than the practical manoeuvres necessary for... skating. I skate on Thursday mornings right before aerial silks.

The last form of exercise I do regularly is dance! I have once dance class a week, which isn't really enough. However, I do like it a lot and it's nice to get in the studio again.

What is your workout schedule like?

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring is in the air here in Boston! While we still have sub-freezing mornings and "chance of snow showers" predicted on the weather channel, it's spring to me. I saw a robin on a branch walking home from class, I stepped in several mud puddles, and I almost got run over by a Vespa. It's also been so windy you don't need a hair dryer and sunny enough to attempt to wear a dress out again. Yet, it's spring in New England!

There aren't any flowers blooming yet, but why not celebrate spring with a pretty makeup look? I created this look with the Shu Uemura Tokyo Lights Palette, which is honestly one of my favourites. I love being able to create a look with only one palette!

The other makeup I used to create this look was MAC Mineralise concealer that I mail-ordered, MAC False Lashes Mascara (which I really, really dislike... I'll do a review on this another day)a cheapo pencil eyeliner, and that bright pink blush I keep wearing.

On my lips I'm wearing a new product I got at work (yay gratis) called Lip Polish Smoothing Lacquer from Dior (also, yes, I work for Dior at a department store).  It's beautifully shiny, lasts for hours, and has this cool applicator that rolls the perfect amount on to the lips. So, yes.  I would actually pay for this product. It's just that nice!

I couldn't get a good photo of my eyes, but I'll explain what I did: light pink in the inner corner blended into a medium-dark pink, blended into purple. The purple makes a petal shape at the corner, therefore, it's petal makeup!

After that, blend a light pink blush into the cheeks and add lipgloss. Powder your face if you want... I personally think spring means celebrating as clean of skin as possible. 

Happy Spring :D

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Monday, March 16, 2015

I just started a job as a beauty counter sales associate, and it's a little overwhelming. Now, I know there's some backlash against "beauty counter girls"... and this odd belief that we don't really know about what we're selling. I can assure you from all the reading material and constant quizzing from my manager that we really do have to know our stuff. Something that I thought was fun was learning all the lingo. Most of this is probably made up, but I think it's worth sharing.

New Girl on the Block: The newest addition to the floor in general, regardless of brand.

Baby on the Floor: 1) The youngest person working on the floor
                                  2) The most baby-faced person on the floor (ours is 30 but looks 14!)

Brand Baby: The newest person working at a specific counter.

Brand Mama: The counter manager.

Drab: Brand does not have makeup, only skincare.

Gratis: The best thing ever... free products for working for these great brands!

Com: Short for commission. Yes, most of us get a commission, but we get paid hourly too.

Neighbourhood: The cosmetics area.

Neighbours: The counters nearest your counter.

Cousin Brand: Brands associated with each other.

Cousins: People who work at brands associated with your brand.

Aunt: The manager at brands associated with your brand.

School: This might be specific to my brand, but when new products come out everyone "goes to school" to learn about it. Apparently they provide snacks at school, so it's all good.

Peacock: The affectionate nickname of the awesome gay makeup artist. Ours does drag makeup!

Okay, so while I heard all of these "terms" yesterday while at work, I can't say this list is universal. The majority of these are either jokes, started off as jokes, or are just casual terms people use. I'm lucky to work in an environment in which everyone is pretty nice to each other and lots of people are friends cross-brand.

Also, can you guess which brand I work for? I'll give you a hint... it's French!
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Saturday, March 14, 2015

When I was a little girl, I really, really wanted blue eyes. I guess it's something that comes with the territory of beauty-- you want what you don't have. Since I'm Chinese, my eyes are naturally a dark brown colour. However, with the help of Spooky Eyes, I finally got to see what I look like with blue eyes

Whenever you're going to be sticking something in your eye, it's important that you make sure it's safe. All of Spooky Eyes contact lenses are made to ISO standards and are FDA approved... which is definitely good. It's also a lot easier to order from the website because it's all in English. Nothing sucks worse than spending a lot of money on an order in Japanese only to find you've only ordered one lens!

The lenses came individually packaged in sterile solution, which is standard for all contact lenses. Right away I noticed the lenses were larger than standard contact lenses... I suppose that is why they are called Cool Big Blue Eyes lenses! They are considered circle lenses after all. 

So of course, I popped them in. Here's me with one lens in. I'm not sure why I look why I'm crying in this photo. Maybe it was out of happiness for having a blue eyes. I will say that circle lenses regardless of brand are harder to get in than normal contacts. They are bigger and a bit floppier-- more adjustment is needed!

See how much larger my left eye (your right) is? Circle lenses are so cool. The colour didn't really show up here, which is why I have another photo with BOTH lenses in...

My eyes look bigger and definitely bluer than their natural hue! With dark eyes, you have to realise some of your natural colour can often be seen near the pupil. That's okay though, because it just makes the pupil look bigger. 

Close up. Definitely blue. Childhood dream=accomplished. 

I wore these contacts for the better part of the day, roughly 5-6 hours. Like any other soft contact they needed eye drops around hour 4, and I only took them out because I want to nap. I found these lenses more comfortable than other circle lenses I have worn before. These particular lenses last for up to 90 days, which is significantly longer than other I have bought before. 

I'm really pleased with these Spooky Eyes contact lenses! They have every contact lens you can imagine on their website. Even though I was sent these as a PR sample, I can honestly see myself buying from this company in the future. Their lenses are not overly expensive for a very long life span, which is always a plus in my opinion. 

In the meantime... blue eyes for Natalie!

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Friday, March 13, 2015

I was so excited when Zoella came out with her first product range, and I was even more excited to get to try it! Zoella is actually who inspired me to go a bit more formal with my new blog, so naturally I was really excited to get my hands on some of her products. During the Christmas International Box Swap run by the awesome Fat Beauty, I asked Louise to pick me up a Zoella Fizz Bar.  Apparently it's Zoe's favourite product in her line.

My first impression of the bar is that it is really cute. It's got these little stickers that say "Do Not Eat!" so you don't mistake it as a candy bar... which I think is so funny. The bar itself is a decent size and since you use 1-2 per bath it can have up to 8 uses.

Personally I put 2 in my bath because the scent of one wasn't enough for me. I wish it had done a little bit more-- Lush bath bombs fizz like no tomorrow, and these didn't really do anything cool in the water. They did soften the water and smell nice, so they did their job. However, the bar is really hard. As in, got-my-father-to-break-it-on-my-behalf hard. He said the trick was to break it from the back, but I couldn't do it. I might just have spaghetti arms though.

Speaking of scent, the Fizz Bar scent was very light. I liked it because other scents can be layered on top of it, but it may be a bit light for some people hoping for a total, whole-bathroom scented experience.

Would I buy these again? Probably. They aren't too expensive and they add a bit of luxury to the bath, which I'm into. The scent isn't overpowering which is good, and they soften the bathwater. I thought the product was fun to use, and while it wasn't the fizz experience Lush has conditioned me to expect, I'm okay with it.
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Thursday, March 12, 2015

So I'm going to confess up front that I'm actually back in New Jersey right now, but it doesn't mean I can't blog about my trip to DC :D

I had a really good time staying in my friend's dorm. She goes to George Washington University and enjoys it a lot. While I can't say GWU (or DC) is exactly my cup of tea, it was still nice visiting.

This is some river-way that my friend likes sitting near. There were lots of joggers and people generally being far more fit than we were. There was also a little ice-rink, though the ice looked like it had been chewed alive. 

 These are the amazing cake-cups from a bakery called Baked and Wired. They were really delicious and tasted just like homemade... not "typical bakery cupcakes". I really enjoyed them. Can you guess which one was mine? The one on the right is Strawberry, and the one of the left is called Dirty Chai.  I'll put the answer at the bottom of this post!

This is the statue of President Jackson outside the White House. Sometimes when a horse statue has two legs in the air, it means the rider died in battle. This does not apply in this case, but it's still sort of interesting. 

Yay, the White House and a bazillion tourists!

This tourist had a STRAWBERRY cupcake at baked and wired, and was very happy to go to the White House on a beautiful spring day. It wasn't cold for once so I got to wear a skirt and everything!

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

It's Spring Break! 

 I'm not sipping some fruity cocktail in tropical paradise for a week, but that's okay!  I flew down to DC this morning to stay with my friend Appu for a few days. We met in Singapore after taking language placement exams and were fast friends ever since. I'm looking forward to seeing the sites (I haven't been here for a while) and eating all the food she keeps telling me about!

Also, I thought Boston was expensive, but clearly I was confused. DC is SO expensive. The Metro is a lot nicer than the T so I didn't mind paying a whole extra dollar to use it, but seriously bottled water is like $2.50! I suppose the capital of the country has to be expensive....

Here are some photos I took on the plane. Can't wait to update more later :D

Boston Harbour!

The coast of... somewhere. 

Very close to DC. Didn't get a picture of the Washington Memorial though. 

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Yesterday after class I was really hungry.  Not China-under-Mao hungry or anything, but forgot-to-eat-lunch-and-didn't-eat-much-for-breakfast hungry.  During class my stomach was rumbling so loudly that I'm pretty sure the girls on the other side of the room could hear it. When I get that hungry, something stupid in my brain says, "Go eat Panda express, you won't get a stomach ache this time!"

So, I went to go eat incredibly mediocre "Chinese" food. After I got my order I grabbed a fortune cookie out of the bin and popped it in my pocket before paying at the register. I half-heartedly tried to study while stuffing my face with orange chicken and some pathetic excuse for fried rice. Honestly, I don't know why I eat at Panda Express. I guess once I crave something vaguely Asian for a long enough time, I forget what real Asian food tastes like.

After I finished and leaving, I remembered that I still had my fortune cookie in my coat pocket. I pulled it out and cracked it open, hoping that the little fortune inside would say something uplifting, amusing, or poorly translated.

The fortune cookie was empty.

As silly as it is, I was rather dismayed, It's kind of unfortunate when something you don't think about, like fortune cookies having fortunes inside, randomly fail. I ate the cookie anyways. I wondered how many other people were mildly upset that their cookies had no fortunes.

Immediately after finishing the second half of my sad little fortune cookie, I paused at a booth advertising the Boston Police Department. I spoke with someone who agreed to forward my name to a few people who could help me find an internship this summer.

So even though my fortune cookie didn't have a fortune, my fortunes changed right after eating the cookie. Perhaps that means something... and perhaps it doesn't. It's easy to read into the little things in life that throw you off, but maybe one shouldn't always do so.

This is a pretty different blog post than I usually write, but I wanted to try it out! Let me know if you like it.
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