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Monday, March 16, 2015

Beauty Counter Lingo

I just started a job as a beauty counter sales associate, and it's a little overwhelming. Now, I know there's some backlash against "beauty counter girls"... and this odd belief that we don't really know about what we're selling. I can assure you from all the reading material and constant quizzing from my manager that we really do have to know our stuff. Something that I thought was fun was learning all the lingo. Most of this is probably made up, but I think it's worth sharing.

New Girl on the Block: The newest addition to the floor in general, regardless of brand.

Baby on the Floor: 1) The youngest person working on the floor
                                  2) The most baby-faced person on the floor (ours is 30 but looks 14!)

Brand Baby: The newest person working at a specific counter.

Brand Mama: The counter manager.

Drab: Brand does not have makeup, only skincare.

Gratis: The best thing ever... free products for working for these great brands!

Com: Short for commission. Yes, most of us get a commission, but we get paid hourly too.

Neighbourhood: The cosmetics area.

Neighbours: The counters nearest your counter.

Cousin Brand: Brands associated with each other.

Cousins: People who work at brands associated with your brand.

Aunt: The manager at brands associated with your brand.

School: This might be specific to my brand, but when new products come out everyone "goes to school" to learn about it. Apparently they provide snacks at school, so it's all good.

Peacock: The affectionate nickname of the awesome gay makeup artist. Ours does drag makeup!

Okay, so while I heard all of these "terms" yesterday while at work, I can't say this list is universal. The majority of these are either jokes, started off as jokes, or are just casual terms people use. I'm lucky to work in an environment in which everyone is pretty nice to each other and lots of people are friends cross-brand.

Also, can you guess which brand I work for? I'll give you a hint... it's French!


  1. Omg that sounds like so much fun! I love when jobs have like inside jokes and whatnot!

    1. It does make standing for hours easier! Thanks for reading :D


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