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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Flower Petal Makeup

Spring is in the air here in Boston! While we still have sub-freezing mornings and "chance of snow showers" predicted on the weather channel, it's spring to me. I saw a robin on a branch walking home from class, I stepped in several mud puddles, and I almost got run over by a Vespa. It's also been so windy you don't need a hair dryer and sunny enough to attempt to wear a dress out again. Yet, it's spring in New England!

There aren't any flowers blooming yet, but why not celebrate spring with a pretty makeup look? I created this look with the Shu Uemura Tokyo Lights Palette, which is honestly one of my favourites. I love being able to create a look with only one palette!

The other makeup I used to create this look was MAC Mineralise concealer that I mail-ordered, MAC False Lashes Mascara (which I really, really dislike... I'll do a review on this another day)a cheapo pencil eyeliner, and that bright pink blush I keep wearing.

On my lips I'm wearing a new product I got at work (yay gratis) called Lip Polish Smoothing Lacquer from Dior (also, yes, I work for Dior at a department store).  It's beautifully shiny, lasts for hours, and has this cool applicator that rolls the perfect amount on to the lips. So, yes.  I would actually pay for this product. It's just that nice!

I couldn't get a good photo of my eyes, but I'll explain what I did: light pink in the inner corner blended into a medium-dark pink, blended into purple. The purple makes a petal shape at the corner, therefore, it's petal makeup!

After that, blend a light pink blush into the cheeks and add lipgloss. Powder your face if you want... I personally think spring means celebrating as clean of skin as possible. 

Happy Spring :D

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