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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Empty Fortune Cookie

Yesterday after class I was really hungry.  Not China-under-Mao hungry or anything, but forgot-to-eat-lunch-and-didn't-eat-much-for-breakfast hungry.  During class my stomach was rumbling so loudly that I'm pretty sure the girls on the other side of the room could hear it. When I get that hungry, something stupid in my brain says, "Go eat Panda express, you won't get a stomach ache this time!"

So, I went to go eat incredibly mediocre "Chinese" food. After I got my order I grabbed a fortune cookie out of the bin and popped it in my pocket before paying at the register. I half-heartedly tried to study while stuffing my face with orange chicken and some pathetic excuse for fried rice. Honestly, I don't know why I eat at Panda Express. I guess once I crave something vaguely Asian for a long enough time, I forget what real Asian food tastes like.

After I finished and leaving, I remembered that I still had my fortune cookie in my coat pocket. I pulled it out and cracked it open, hoping that the little fortune inside would say something uplifting, amusing, or poorly translated.

The fortune cookie was empty.

As silly as it is, I was rather dismayed, It's kind of unfortunate when something you don't think about, like fortune cookies having fortunes inside, randomly fail. I ate the cookie anyways. I wondered how many other people were mildly upset that their cookies had no fortunes.

Immediately after finishing the second half of my sad little fortune cookie, I paused at a booth advertising the Boston Police Department. I spoke with someone who agreed to forward my name to a few people who could help me find an internship this summer.

So even though my fortune cookie didn't have a fortune, my fortunes changed right after eating the cookie. Perhaps that means something... and perhaps it doesn't. It's easy to read into the little things in life that throw you off, but maybe one shouldn't always do so.

This is a pretty different blog post than I usually write, but I wanted to try it out! Let me know if you like it.


  1. I know what you mean about panda express being not that good ;) but I still eat there anyway. I think would be really upset if I had an empty fortune cookie, I've never heard of that happening before! Great post x

    1. oh yeah and we have the same name except spelled different! haha


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