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Saturday, March 14, 2015

*Spooky Eyes Review*

When I was a little girl, I really, really wanted blue eyes. I guess it's something that comes with the territory of beauty-- you want what you don't have. Since I'm Chinese, my eyes are naturally a dark brown colour. However, with the help of Spooky Eyes, I finally got to see what I look like with blue eyes

Whenever you're going to be sticking something in your eye, it's important that you make sure it's safe. All of Spooky Eyes contact lenses are made to ISO standards and are FDA approved... which is definitely good. It's also a lot easier to order from the website because it's all in English. Nothing sucks worse than spending a lot of money on an order in Japanese only to find you've only ordered one lens!

The lenses came individually packaged in sterile solution, which is standard for all contact lenses. Right away I noticed the lenses were larger than standard contact lenses... I suppose that is why they are called Cool Big Blue Eyes lenses! They are considered circle lenses after all. 

So of course, I popped them in. Here's me with one lens in. I'm not sure why I look why I'm crying in this photo. Maybe it was out of happiness for having a blue eyes. I will say that circle lenses regardless of brand are harder to get in than normal contacts. They are bigger and a bit floppier-- more adjustment is needed!

See how much larger my left eye (your right) is? Circle lenses are so cool. The colour didn't really show up here, which is why I have another photo with BOTH lenses in...

My eyes look bigger and definitely bluer than their natural hue! With dark eyes, you have to realise some of your natural colour can often be seen near the pupil. That's okay though, because it just makes the pupil look bigger. 

Close up. Definitely blue. Childhood dream=accomplished. 

I wore these contacts for the better part of the day, roughly 5-6 hours. Like any other soft contact they needed eye drops around hour 4, and I only took them out because I want to nap. I found these lenses more comfortable than other circle lenses I have worn before. These particular lenses last for up to 90 days, which is significantly longer than other I have bought before. 

I'm really pleased with these Spooky Eyes contact lenses! They have every contact lens you can imagine on their website. Even though I was sent these as a PR sample, I can honestly see myself buying from this company in the future. Their lenses are not overly expensive for a very long life span, which is always a plus in my opinion. 

In the meantime... blue eyes for Natalie!

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