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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I haven't been posting as often as I'd like to lately, but I've just been so busy with school!

Since we had so many snow days at the start of the semester, everyone (myself included) had a terrible work ethic. Now that it's the end of the year, it feels like everything has piled up.

Thankfully I have finalised studying abroad in China this summer and it is 100% happening. My plane tickets are booked, my classes signed up for, and the visa will hopefully be getting done soon.

I ended up leaving my job at the cosmetics counter because there were too many hours I couldn't make. It's hard to justify working when you've got a mountain of assignments to do. While I do think I will work next semester, I don't think I can take a job with so many hours. The experience was a good one and I wouldn't take it back for a minute.

I'm still doing silks! I might look slightly terrified in the video below of me doing my first ever "dive between" on silks, and that's because I was! Since I can't invert in the air very well, I had to climb up the silks upside-down. I then scared myself really badly looking down at the ground and thinking about how much it would hurt to fall on my head. Once I wrapped myself up in the silks I was fine... and the actual flip was pretty fun. Now that I've done it I can see myself doing it again, but at the time I swore it off forever.
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

I’m going to try switching things up today on the blog and write a little story. I haven’t much experience with doing so, but it’s always worth trying something new. You’ll note the graphic today has adorable cartoon bugs on it. It’s mostly so I don’t have to Google a picture of a silverfish to put on my nice blog (if you want to look up a picture of those things, that’s entirely your prerogative).

 I learn the most on Tuesdays, and it’s not because I’ve got a full schedule of classes. I’ve got Tuesday off, you see, which is how I manage to learn anything. Unlike most rational people I often find myself spending all of my Tuesdays working on things that ought to have been done over the weekend. Better time management (and life management) skills that teachers somehow think high school students have and professors fully acknowledge that college students don’t have would come in handy. But nonetheless Tuesdays are a learning day for me, and on this past Tuesday I learned how to write the majority of an essay in just under twelve hours, three cups of coffee and a minor meltdown.

Ninety-eight percent of Tuesday’s essay writing extravaganza proved as exciting as a retail job working closing shift. Work, pause to collect oneself after working with difficult people,(who on earth sends soldiers into Russia with no winter clothes), work, complain about working, and eventually finish. At some point in the night typing became rather difficult and all Germans became Fermans, leading to mass correction and general impatience. Sitting hunched over in the tiny hallway in my dorm, I realised that despite swearing to never go through this again, I would most likely find myself in a similar state next week.

At this point I had been wearing my contact lenses nearly twenty hours, which is far too many unless you are one of those crazy people who sleep with them in for days on end. My eyes grew itchy and heavy, the glow from the laptop screen fuzzing around the edges. How on earth does one stretch an essay to successfully cover ten pages? As I converted all “don’t”s and “won’t”s to “do not” and “will not”, I noticed that the edge of my keyboard appeared to be wider on one side than the other.

Not only was one side of the keyboard wider than the other, it was significantly fuzzier. No—it was not fuzzier. It had somehow grown a thousand legs and two long feelers pointing towards the screen. I reached to wipe it away before the edge of the keyboard hurried away. At this point, I moved faster than I had in at least a year. Within three second I flipped my laptop over, screamed, jumped so high my head nearly hit the ceiling and raced into bed as if the silverfish had a distinct taste for human flesh, Chinese variety in particular.

Once safety in my bed in the company of Jiji, Totoro and Fluffy the Sheep, I began to evaluate my life priorities. After all, what else is one to do after being thoroughly traumatised by a silverfish at four in the morning? My life priorities at that point were first to sleep, and second to remember to talk about the stupid bug on Twitter the next day. Blogger priorities. 

Do you like silly little stories like this? Let me know. They sure are fun to write!
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I have been crazy stressed out with work (and something else I'll post about later this week), school and everything else! Everyone says college is stressful, and that's true... not because of the work, though. The work is hard, but the job hunting, networking and balancing is truly the difficult part. I've got a lot of balls in the air at the moment... which is why I've been stress eating. However, I haven't gained weight from it. Here's how I did it. 

1) Drink a ton of water all the time. It makes you full and unlikely to eat so much. 

2) Find a food that's healthy and low in calories, and binge on that. I eat red bell peppers like there's no tomorrow, but they are healthy so it's all good. 

3) If you NEED ice cream/Cheese-Its/crisps, put however much you want to eat in a bowl. Once that's gone, it's gone. No more!

4) Try to eat normal meals. It's hard to fill up on junk if you're full from dinner. 

5) Don't eat with other people who are also very stressed... such as project group partners! Everyone will eat a ton because there's no judgement and eating with people always makes you eat more. 

6) Hit the gym! It helps reduce stress levels and encourages healthy eating. After all, why would you ruin that good workout with eating it all back 5 minutes later?

7) When you want to nom on everything in existence, take a step back and go do something else. Read a book for fun, figure out your schedule for tomorrow, plan your outfit. Distract yourself!

8) When you want to eat something, ask yourself "If I had to eat *insert healthy but sort of icky food here* instead of this, would I still eat anything?" I do this with kale, which I generally dislike. Am I hungry enough that I would eat kale instead of this delicious snack? Nope!

I hope this list helped any of the other stress-eaters out there. I personally think binging on healthy food is the perfect compromise, since everyone seems to need to eat more veggies. Raw veggies are also nice and crunchy which makes them the perfect snack. 

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Friday, April 3, 2015

For some reason, people are still rather afraid of putting oil on their faces. However, oil is the best way to cut through oil-based makeup. It's also a great way to get stubborn dirt off your face... and it can often get rid of excess oil on the face. Cleansing oil can remove stubborn makeup such as waterproof mascara. It also leaves the face feeling very smooth!

Recently, I've been trying to only use oil cleansers on my face because they are very gentle.  I find when the weather changes the chances of me breaking out are higher, so irritating my skin with harsh exfoliation or over drying would be a disaster.

I've tried two different cleansing oils... one from Tatcha and one from Dior.

The cleansing oil from Tatcha is called "One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil" and it's a much thicker product than the Dior one. I find that it removes waterproof makeup beautifully and a little goes a long way. The scent is not overpowering and the oil feels smooth. Upon rinsing the face off, one has beautifully soft skin. I really, really love this product.

I got the cleansing oil from Dior with my work discount. It feels like such a different product than the Tatcha oil! It's a lot thinner than the Tatcha oil, which can be a good or bad thing.  It comes in a pump and you need at least two to clean the face properly. It also is only good at removing face makeup and struggles with waterproof mascara. However, it rinses easier than the Tatcha oil.

In regards to picking a cleansing oil, one needs to consider the consistency and level of scent. The consistency is the biggest indicator of how much makeup the oil will get off by using it. Thin oils are not necessarily more drying than thicker oils.  I find the level of scent to be a very large factor in picking a cleansing oil, mostly because some people can't stand heavily scented products. 

I'm so glad I discovered cleansing oil... I've only been using it for about six months through various brands and such. It's also possible to use food-grade oils on your face for this purpose, though removing can be quite tricky! Maybe I'll make a post about that some day....

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