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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dealing with Stress Eating

I have been crazy stressed out with work (and something else I'll post about later this week), school and everything else! Everyone says college is stressful, and that's true... not because of the work, though. The work is hard, but the job hunting, networking and balancing is truly the difficult part. I've got a lot of balls in the air at the moment... which is why I've been stress eating. However, I haven't gained weight from it. Here's how I did it. 

1) Drink a ton of water all the time. It makes you full and unlikely to eat so much. 

2) Find a food that's healthy and low in calories, and binge on that. I eat red bell peppers like there's no tomorrow, but they are healthy so it's all good. 

3) If you NEED ice cream/Cheese-Its/crisps, put however much you want to eat in a bowl. Once that's gone, it's gone. No more!

4) Try to eat normal meals. It's hard to fill up on junk if you're full from dinner. 

5) Don't eat with other people who are also very stressed... such as project group partners! Everyone will eat a ton because there's no judgement and eating with people always makes you eat more. 

6) Hit the gym! It helps reduce stress levels and encourages healthy eating. After all, why would you ruin that good workout with eating it all back 5 minutes later?

7) When you want to nom on everything in existence, take a step back and go do something else. Read a book for fun, figure out your schedule for tomorrow, plan your outfit. Distract yourself!

8) When you want to eat something, ask yourself "If I had to eat *insert healthy but sort of icky food here* instead of this, would I still eat anything?" I do this with kale, which I generally dislike. Am I hungry enough that I would eat kale instead of this delicious snack? Nope!

I hope this list helped any of the other stress-eaters out there. I personally think binging on healthy food is the perfect compromise, since everyone seems to need to eat more veggies. Raw veggies are also nice and crunchy which makes them the perfect snack. 

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  1. I used to be terrible at eating when stressed or anxious, I'm much better now and I tend to just drink a cup of tea or a smoothie. Now and then I will eat a tone of junk food but normally that means I am REALLY stressed so I need it haha x


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