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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Why I'm Not Anti-Eyelid Surgery

Something that is very popular in East Asia is double-eyelid surgery. I think this started off as a Korean trend (and it's commonly associated with Korean Pop), but it's become increasingly popular in Japan and China. It's become so popular that makeup trends in Japan often account for the scar by covering it with brown makeup-- or if you have natural double eyelids, a brown highlight is drawn anyways.

If you don't have double eyelids naturally and don't want the surgery, a lot of girls use eyelid tape to fake double eyelids. I've used this stuff before to increase my double eyelid fold.... yes, I'm lucky and naturally have double eyelids. Apparently my fold isn't as big as it could be though, which means on at least one occasion I've worn tape. It's uncomfortable. Honestly though if I didn't naturally have double eyelids, I would probably have asked to get this done.

There's a lot of backlash from Western media about eyelid surgery, and many people think it's pretty barbaric.  Many dislike how common this procedure is in Asia. The West has a stronger focus on temporary fixes and "natural beauty" than the East in general does... in the East, you either fit the very narrow beauty standard or you're ugly and hear about it from old ladies all the time. Westerners don't blink at boob jobs or Botox, but the idea of making one's eyes bigger is somehow shocking.

Something weird about Asian models in the West is that they tend to have the narrowest, Asian monolid eyes ever. They would not necessarily be attractive in East Asia! It's like how the Indian woman who won Miss America would have been eliminated in the first round of Miss India for being too dark skinned.

So yes, for people who have recently asked my opinion about this surgery, I'm all for it if that's what you want. Honestly though, what you do to your face is none of my business. If you think you look prettier, more power to you.

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