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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Habits that are Ruining Your Hair

If you're still doing any of these five things to your hair, you're not doing it a favour. There are several things we do to our hair that isn't very good for it! For lovely locks, cut what's below:

1) Over using the blow dryer, flat-iron and curling wand all damage the hair. Try letting hair air-dry if you can and leave heat styling tools for special occasion. If you don't, you risk fried locks!

2) Picking at your split ends is one way to bust boredom, but it also leads to even more damage. Hair splits when the ends get dry, and splitting hair further up the strand is just magnifying the problem.

3) On that note, never getting a trim is the biggest mistake most girls trying to grow their hair out make. It's important to get a trim to remove split ends. While I don't agree with getting a trim every six weeks (how will you ever get long hair that way?), I personally find every 3-4 months sufficient.

4) Having a bad diet is not only bad for your body, it's bad for your hair! Having a well-balanced diet can help your hair grow longer and faster. I found that adding nuts to my diet over time made my hair stronger, but that might just be me.

5) Throwing your hair up in a ponytail definitely gets it out of the way, but always putting the band in the same place can lead to breakage. Vary how you put your hair up and experiment with buns and braids-- both considered protective hairstyles. I love putting my hair in a side braid to get it out of my way while studying or blogging. Add a flower to make it pretty for summer!

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