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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Lush Goodies

I've mentioned how much I love Lush before on this blog. While I did like the Hair Doctor Mask, I think I'm more a fan of their bath products than anything else. In my latest mini Lush haul, I picked up three items. Two of them were bath bombs and one was a massage bar! 

I decided to pick up "Butterball" because I really like the cute melty snowman bath bomb that comes out around Christmas. This bath bomb smells like it and is nice and moisturising. Like all Lush bombs, "Butterball" was beautifully fizzy and scented. I actually think "Butterball" would make a good gift because it's fairly neutral and everyone would like it. It doesn't make your bath water crazy colours, but that's okay!

Avocado is quite in fashion these days, and "Avobath" is one my new favourite ever bath products. It makes your bathwater an amazing green colour and the water is wonderfully smooth. It smells like lemons, so it's like bathing in lemon curd! Okay, not really, but "Avobath" is a seriously great bomb. 

The product I wasn't sure I'd like was "Pearl" the massage bar, but I absolutely love it. The massage bar melts on the skin and leaves the skin wonderfully scented and oily. The bubble things in "Pearl" are kind of darkly coloured, which needs extra rubbing in to not be noticeable.  I'm sure some people actually use it for massage-- I just use it after I shower. My skin is incredibly soft afterwards and it soaks in pretty quickly. I would definitely recommend massage bars now that I've tried them... they aren't messy like I thought they would be. 

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