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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Natural Beauty: Eggs

Eggs can be used in various fantastic natural beauty remedies. There are probably a million different things to do with eggs in terms of beauty remedy, but I'm just going to share the ones my mother taught me. Sorry if it's been mentioned many times already, but sometimes the oldies are the goodies. Obviously eggs are also excellent to eat as well! I like adding soy sauce to my eggs and eating with ketchup over rice. Not the healthiest way to eat eggs, but definitely Asian-inspired!

Mom's Face Mask

Separate an egg. Put the egg white on your face in a thin layer, adding more to the nose, chin and forehead area. Wait for the egg white to dry. If you can't move your face and your face feels "frozen", it's time to wash it off. Afterwards, apply a really rich moisturiser. My mom says putting an egg white on your face can help with ageing skin and deep clean your face. I just think it's a lot of fun.

Mom's Egg Hair Mask

I don't think my mother has ever actually used this one, but she did tell me about it. Take the yolk that you didn't use from Mom's Face Mask and add some olive oil to it (about two tablespoons). Mix it up and apply from root to tip, focus on the scalp and the ends. Wait around for about an hour then wash out for stronger hair.

Mom's Egg Hair Mask Variation

Instead of just using olive oil, add a squirt of mayo to the mix as well. This will help moisturise the hair and make it shiny. This addition comes from the old mayo-conditioner in the 60s. Apparently my mom's friend swore by this, and she had the most fabulous long hippy hair.

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