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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Networking for New Bloggers

I had a childhood friend reach out to me recently about some blog technicalities. It doesn't seem like she's been blogging for long... and she definitely didn't know how to network with other bloggers. So, this post is for you (I hope you know who you are) and any other bloggers new at the whole networking thing. I'm only going to discuss things that are pretty straightforward-- Pinterest is a whole other conversation!

New bloggers, if you don't have a Twitter or a Bloglovin' you need to go sign up for those right now. Most of the bloggers I have met have been through Twitter. Between reaching out to your favourite bloggers (and maybe even getting some mentoring) and blogger Twitter chats, Twitter is one of the easiest ways to network. My fabulous friend Chelsea made a list of Twitter chats you can check out here. Another hint: linking to bloggers you like with a purpose, like how I've linked you Chelsea's Twitter and post here, will help you get noticed. Don't just link to random people... but giving a shoutout for a good reason is appreciated and might even earn you one.

I have found that some of my biggest readers are those who know me in real life. In order to keep them up to date with what I'm blogging, I occasionally link a new blog post on my Facebook. I have a blog Facebook page and a personal Facebook page. Most of the time I share the link using my blog Facebook page, and I don't share more often than once a week. Annoying people is a really good way to lose readers. The occasional update ensures that Auntie keeps reading your blog and sharing it with her friends... and maybe mentioning you to someone she knows that can help you out. You never know!

New bloggers, networking can seem terrifying. It often feels like there are a million bloggers out there that are all better than you, and you'll never get there. However, by making blogger friends and learning how to network you will eventually find yourself as a blogger. It's a cool feeling to realise that you're actually proud of something you're putting so much time into!

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  1. I have a personal and facebook page as well. I only post my blog and youtube content on my page and only some of my "friends" follow that page. I've not been able to join twitter chats lately coz I got a new job...



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