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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Why You Need a Wooden Comb

One of my favourite hair tools that at this point I can't see going without is a wooden comb. If you noticed from the picture above that my comb probably used to have a handle, good job. Even though wooden combs break more easily than plastic, wooden combs are much better for your hair. My mom got me my first wooden comb in Singapore. It's a peach-wood, which supposedly makes higher-quality combs than other woods, As long as you don't have a comb made out of wood chips, it's probably fine. 

Wooden combs are awesome because they help distribute oils from the scalp through the rest of the hair. While this might sound kind of gross, the oils from you scalp can help condition the hair and help prevent split ends. The comb initially doesn't feel good on the hair because it has to absorb some oil in order for it to work properly. After using it a few times the wood will feel silky when used through the hair. Hair that falls out (not tugged out) while combing with a wood comb is nothing to worry about-- a little bit of shedding is a natural part of life. 

When choosing a wooden comb, try to find one with reasonable spaces between the teeth. Micro-spaces are not fun, but overly-wide spaces may not detangle the hair very well. I prefer combs with a handle. I also like combs that have a very wide front because it helps me part my hair. 

Two more things-- Another way to use a wood comb is to coat it with an oil and comb through. I personally like sweet almond oil on my hair because it smells amazing and makes my hair nice and shiny. You need to clean a wooden comb regularly. But, do not get it wet! Take a Q-tip and clean off any buildup from the teeth. Getting the comb wet can make it swell up which effectively ruins the comb. 

Have you ever had a wooden comb, and did you like it?


  1. I've been meaning to get a wood comb for awhile, thank you for the reminder! I've heard a lot of good things about them.

    Kindness is the best accessory,
    Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

    1. It's a really good thing to have on your dresser! Hope you end up getting one.

  2. I might have to buy one if I happen to come across one someday


    1. You can find pretty cheap ones on the internet!


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