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Monday, July 6, 2015

Natalie's China Adventures: Yunnan!

Okay, I forgot to write blog posts for last week because I was so busy preparing for my SOLO trip to Yunnan!

My school runs in two sessions... and I decided a while back to stay on for the second of the two. However, that meant I had a week break in between sessions. While most people went on a group trip to Beijing (which sounds amazing), I chose to go to Yunnan. Initially a friend was going to come with me but that fell through, which meant I went alone.

It was one of the best trips of my life, if not the best trip so far. I love the flexibility of traveling alone and the sense of adventure. I loved hosteling in China and didn't find it scary to talk to new people. I took planes, trains, taxis, and a motorcycle-taxi. I also trekked Tiger Leaping Gorge for 8 hours the first day and 3.5 the second. From this trip I came back not only physically stronger but mentally braver. My Chinese is better than I thought it was and I was able to chat with locals everywhere I went. I never knew travel could be such a confidence boost!

Here's the part you really want to see: the photos! I spent a night in Kunming, a night in Dali, a night in Lijiang (should have spent more time there), a night in the Gorge and two nights in Shangri-la. A lot of running around but what a week.

Kunming has a "Green Lake" that I went to. It was really pretty!

This is Dali's iconic Three Pagodas. I didn't want to pay for admission so I stood in the carpark and took these photos. They were really cool looking!

Yes, the person with the big backpack and silly hat is me! Tiger Leaping Gorge is a pretty difficult trek if you're not experienced... which I'm not. But now I can say I'm a trekking newbie. 

Shangri-la area. I have better photos of this area that I'm saving for another post. But it sure was pretty. It was on the edge of Tibet. 

So that was my week holiday! Hope you enjoyed the pictures. 

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  1. Great post and photos. I'm glad it was so empowering!


Thanks for the comment! I read every single one :D