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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Natalie's Travel Adventures: Singapore

I've officially left Chengdu! I'm updating this blog without a VPN... it's kind of crazy (and a great change). Since I extended my stay in Chengdu to 10 weeks, my flights had to be rebooked. The earliest flight my parents could get me was on the 11th, I was initially meant to just leave Chengdu late. Instead, all the stars aligned and we managed to rebook my flights (again) to Singapore for a few days. Here's what I did!

Went by where I used to live!

My darling friend Lauren who is on "Dance Singapore, Dance". We went to Slappy Cakes. 

Happy National Day! 

Gardens by the Bay, the one touristy thing I didn't do whilst living here. 

So pretty. 


Chilling with DiCicco at Din Tai Fung. Friend from high school that now lives in Canada :)

I had an amazing trip catching up with people! I actually stayed at my friend's house who's doing NS and forgot to take a picture with him. He's completely fabulous and calls me Lee sometimes. But not often. 

Now that I'm out of China, I'll be updating more often! I can't believe my summer is ending so quickly and it will be back to school, routine, and consistent blogging. 

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