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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Things I Wish I Knew as a College Freshman

Freshman year is about to start for a lot of new college students... or it's started already! It's so fun to see people posting pictures of their brand new dorm rooms. I wish I had made mine prettier... Oh well.

What is crazy about this blog is that you can go back and read all about my experience as a college freshman just by searching around a bit. I suppose that's the cool thing about a blog-- even though it covers beauty and whatever else I feel like posting about, it also covers my life and what happens in it. There are things I wish I had known as a college freshman though.... and they are below.

1) This is a really good chance to reinvent yourself, so don't feel committed to being who you were in high school.

Actually, the person you were in high school is probably not the person you want to be in college. Embrace the fact that you are going to change, and that you have to change! Take risks, go on mini adventures every day and learn as you go.

2) Laugh at yourself!

You're going to make some mistakes your freshman year of college... you're new at this whole college thing after all. Don't take yourself too seriously if you walk into the wrong lecture or forget someone's name. Move on.

3) Set boundaries with your roommate(s) early to avoid issues down the line.

This was really only an issue with my suitemate, but regardless, lay down some ground rules. Rules about cleaning, bringing boys (or girls) over, bedtimes... whatever you are even a little bit worried about, discuss.

4) Don't eat so many sweets.

I didn't gain a full freshman fifteen, but I did put some weight on in college. If you plan on drinking in college, you also better be planning on working out because that's where most people gain their weight! I didn't drink a lot which is probably why I didn't gain a tremendous amount.

5) Enjoy the ride, because it only lasts four years and seems to move a lot faster than high school.

College is fun. Living on your own is great because you get to be in control of your own time. You get to learn about things that you generally care about rather than the stuff you wasted time on in high school.

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