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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Time Capsule

I'm writing this post from August 9th, 2014. Yesterday, I started this blog to share my thoughts, beauty knowledge, and life with those on the Internet.

I started out on Sent to Singapore almost four years ago, and it's amazing to think of how far I've come from then. Rather than write to family and friends, I am now writing to whoever reads me, my wonderful readers. Hopefully in a year's time there are a fair few of you now, just so I know I'm not talking to myself.

By this time, I've finished my first year of college. I hope it was a good year, and I learned a lot. Hopefully you enjoyed following me on that journey, and I didn't make too many fresher-mistakes.

Most of all, I hope I've decided what sort of a blogger I am. Everything one ever reads about blogging, and how to blog, talks about finding a niche. At the moment of creation, I thought my niche could be thoughts, beauty and life. But did I sustain it? I don't know. 

So, happy one-year anniversary.

Love, Natalie

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