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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Three Things You DON'T Need in Your Dorm

It's move in time! I'm finally moved into my dorm though I must confess I think I'm going to try and switch. I'll talk more about the building once I no longer live there... but let's just say that what I thought I was getting and what I got was very different.

When I was a Freshman, I brought a hilarious amount of stuff. In my defense I had just moved from Singapore... but still, I basically brought my entire house with me. And quickly learned that in college, you don't need that much stuff. Your dorm is probably tiny anyways! Here are some things either I had or my roommates had that took up way too much space.

1) A bunch of throw pillows

I'm not sure what provoked me to buy a bunch of cute pillows before I moved into my dorm, but I can safely say they were useless. They took up a ton of room, got dusty and ended up stacked next to my bed as a makeshift beside table. Which is not the point of throw pillows. Bring your pillow for sleeping and maybe ONE throw pillow. But that is all you need.

2) A record player

My suitemates both had record players, much to my amusement and confusion. Why on earth do both girls need a record player if they almost never used them? Record players take up a lot of room and are pretty fragile, so leave them at home.

3) Excessive pairs of high heels

Okay, you've got to bring some shoes with you to college. However, my roommates and I all brought like seven pairs of shoes a person! One of my roommates brought five pairs of high heels and wore one pair exactly twice first semester. Even if you think you're going to be doing a lot of partying, those adorable heels that you can barely walk in can stay at home. Bring a couple of pairs at most that go with most of your outfits.

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